Queen of Isis

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Dragon Quest series character
Queen of Isis
Dragon Quest III
Japanese Name イシス女王
Romanized Jap. Joō no Isisu

The Queen of Isis is one of the six human sovereigns in the world of Dragon Quest III, and the only female monarch.


Dragon Quest III: The Seeds of Salvation[edit]

The Queen is the descendant of the ancient king Faro, and she rules over the oasis nation with a gentle fist, beloved by her people. Her beauty is said to be heavenly, so much so that her handmaids are confident that even Baramos would fall to his knees before her grace. The Queen herself finds beauty to be fleeting, even her own, and considers the heart of a person to be more admirable than a pretty face. Due to this, the Queen will have unique dialogue when the Hero speaks to her after using the Mod rod.

If the Hero sneaks into the Queen's bedchamber at night, she will give them a Prayer Ring and wish them luck on their mission. Interestingly, the Queen is the only monarch to address the Hero with the "san" suffix to denote respect in the Japanese version; she does this when saving the player's game.