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Dragon Quest series character
Dragon Quest IX
Dragon Quest X
Sellma official art.png
Rōmaji Roxanne
Class Mage
Race Mortal
Age Mid to late 20's

Sellma (ロクサーヌ Rokusānu?, (Roxanne)) resides at Quester's Rest, and is a member of S.P.I.T., the Sinndicate of Pubs, Inns, and Taverns. She grants the player access to the DQVC WiFi shop.

The story[edit]

Sellma arrives at Quester's Rest shortly after the hero made it to Newid Isle, and makes her services available.

Warning: Spoilers
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During quest 139, it is revealed is also an agent tracking down a criminal syndicate known as the "Inntouchables," and enlists the hero's help. After apprehending Al Capinne, she reveals that S.P.I.T. has assigned her to make herself available as an optional party member.

She starts out simply as a level 1 priest, and is equipped with her frock and a leather boots.


Her name is a pun on "sell", as she is a shopkeeper.

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