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Silver Tarot Cards
Dq4 silver tarot cards.png
Japanese ぎんのタロット
Old localizations
Found in Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen
Buy for N/A
Sell for 375 gold
Effect Increases Meena's offense by 21. When used as an item in battle can cast a random spell. Can read the players fortune outside of battle.

The Silver Tarot Cards are an item unique to the fortune-teller Meena in Dragon Quest IV.


Dragon Quest IV[edit]

The cards are found in the entrance floor of the Mamon Mine, and increase Meena's offense by +21. Though functioning as an adequate weapon during the early parts of her chapter of the story, their real worth becomes apparent when used as an item during battle where they can produce a random effect:

  • Justice: Casts Poof on all enemies and sends them flying into the blue.
  • Devil: Casts Kasap on all foes.
  • Death: Casts Whack on one enemy.
  • Sun: Restores a moderate to large amount of health to all allies.
  • Moon: Casts Dazzle on all enemies.
  • Strength: Casts Oomph on a random ally.
  • Star: Doubles the amount of experience and gold received after battle.
  • Tower: Casts Zap on all enemies. Damage dealt is Meena's level multiplied between 0.5 and 2.
  • Fool: Casts Thwack on the entire party. Normal chance of this card being drawn is miniscule, but if the cards are read more than twice in one battle the chance will increase to 50%.

Additionally, the Silver tarot cards can also be used outside of battle to read the player's fortune. This will have not affect any future battles or attribute gains when leveling up, but does offer insight into Meena's abilities as a Seer.


This pack of cards can also be used for fortune-telling.[1]



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