Strom (Dragon Quest VII)

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Dragon Quest series character
Dragon Quest VII
Japanese Name スイフー
Race Ogre (originally)/Human (3DS)
Age Unknown

"I feel like I should explain something. That beating I gave you had a purpose. It's important to make an example of someone from time to time and show the folks here I haven't gone soft.
If I don't flex my muscles once in a while, there'd be no end of idiots arguing with me about this and that.

—Strom, after he defeats the player. (3DS)

Strom (formerly Suifu) is a character in the Dharma region in Dragon Quest VII. He controls all of Pilgrim’s Perdition. He is aided by a Goon (formerly Bully) and a Stooge (formerly Fighter).


In battle this bruly brutish man is armed with two frightening massive metal balls on chains that he flings and flails at foes, causing monstrous damage. He can even dish out a deadly desperate attack, often downing adventuers in a single snack. The brute is dressed in the scariest way he knows how, wearing hob nail boots and spiked metal armour over his shoulder. To raise the intimdation factor even further he's accompanied by two hideous henchman; one, the Goon, dressed in an almost funny thieves outfit and armed with a heavy sack that he uses conk new comers over the head with. The Stooge carrys a malevolent magical lantern that he can lob at foes for cause damage to everyone with a putrid purple fire. Although they're a terrifying team, they always leave their opponents with a single slither of life in them.

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