Twocus Pocus

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Twocus Pocus is a skill that has thus far been exclusive to Dragon Quest IX. It allows a party member to cast a spell twice per round for 6~9 turns.


Similar to the Duplic hat of older titles, this skill allows a magic user to cast a spell twice over.

However, each casting is considered to be a separate turn. In other words, the second Kazammle will deal 1.20% damage because the game calculates it as a combo'd move. This boon can be bolstered if all party members use the skill, dealing up to 8 times the damage in a single turn before tension, Channel Anger, or any other modifier apply.

MP cost is only calculated once.


Twocus Pocus can be used by any character that has the 'Sage's Scripture' (quest #117) item in their inventory. NOTE: Magic Burst, Kerplunk, Kamikazee, Zing, Kazing, Fullheal, and Omniheal will not echo when used.