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Salutations, and welcome to the wiki.

Could I ask a favor of you by chance? You see, it's not very often that I get to speak with autistic children, much less ones so vocal about their condition. As an armchair psychiatrist, I'd like to pick your brain over with some questions regarding your hardships. How difficult it is for you to socialize with real people, how quickly your physical condition is deteriorating (it's always those darn seizures isn't it?) , whether you plan for the future ( or are even capable of that, rather), what hopes your parents had for you when you were born and how quickly those plans were dashed with reality set in...common questions for yourself I'm certain, nothing new in the least after speaking with oh goddess knows how many doctors in your life.

I realize it's a bit of a tall order, but if you could turn off minecraft for just a minute or two and indulge me, I'd be most obliged.

Sincerely, (Follower of Light (talk) 20:56, 18 September 2015 (CDT))

Okay. As a side note, how do you know I play Minecraft? - 21:29, 18 September 2015 (CDT)

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