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    10 December 2022

    • curprev 10:5310:53, 10 December 2022Follower of Light talk contribs 970 bytes +970 Created page with "{{Item |title = ''Rosewhip'' |image = 150px |japanese = ローズウィップ |romaji = Rozu uippu |names = None |games = ''Dragon Quest XI'' |effect = Dazzles foes }}The '''Rose whip''' is a sweet-smelling switch that can leave it's victims in an aroma-induced phantasmagoria. ==Appearances== ==={{DQ11}}=== {{DQXIEquipment |name=<big><big>Rosewhip</big></big> |icon=File:Rosewhip xi icon.png |description=An alluringly scented scourge..."