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Alistair's armour (サーベルトのよろい) is a suit of armour in the 3DS version of Dragon Quest VIII. It is a special suit of armour that belonged to Jessica Albert's brother, Alistair.


Alistair's armour has a defence bonus of +80 and restores the wearer's HP when walking around on the field. It also reduces the damage taken from all non-Zap spells by 33%. It can only be equipped by the Hero and is received from Lady Rosalind in Alexandria after the defeat of Evil Jessica. The armour can be sold for 5,000 gold, but it is not recommended to do so since there is only one set in the game. Acquiring the armour is also one of the prerequisites for unlocking the new ending in the 3DS version, where the Hero can marry Jessica.


  • A special suit of armour that restores HP to its wearer as he or she wanders around. (Description of Alistair's armour in Dragon Quest VIII.)

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