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Awakening is a process to further improve gear or units in some Dragon Quest games.

Dragon Quest of the Stars[edit]


In Dragon Quest of the Stars , Awakening can only be performed on items that have been evolved to the maximum (*4). This process usually changes or upgrades the weapon's subslot, unlock a new EX skill and give the weapon a blue glow. In specific cases, Awakening can only be done as straight upgrade over Alchemy, but in most cases it's an alternative path.


In the Japanese version of the game, select gear like Erdrick's Sword or the Dragovian sword can get even more upgraded after awakening by getting polished. Using special items for this process, players can increase the polish value randomly by 1-3, and when these weapons reach certain thresholds they unlock new visual effects (they glow more), unlock new skills and improve their sub-slots.

Dragon Quest Tact[edit]

In Dragon Quest Tact, Awakening gives units a permanent stats boost, and either a new skill, an upgraded resistance or an increase in the potency of the unit's signature moves. Each character can be awakened up to 5 times. There are a few ways to awaken in Tact:

  • Getting a duplicate, if the unit is from a gacha banner.
  • Getting a certain number of duplicates, if the unit is farmeable.
  • Using Awakening Crystals, which can also be obtained in a number of ways.