Draconian Quest

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A Draconian Quest is an optional in-game feature in Dragon Quest XI. There are 9 Draconian Quests in total, and they all add restrictions to the core gameplay that makes the adventure significantly harder. Draconian Quests are available from the start of the game, however trying a Draconian Quest on a first playthrough is not recommended. Completing a Draconian Quest earns the player a star next to their save file.

List of Draconian Quests[edit]

There are 9 Draconian Quests in total. Draconian Quests can be removed but not added back, requiring the player to start a new file if they want to try again. Some Draconian Quests are limited to the Definitive Edition of Dragon Quest XI, while one is only available in its original release.

  • No Fleeing from Battle (original release only) - The party cannot run away from fights.
  • No Shopping - Items and equipment cannot be purchased from shops.
  • No Armour - Armor cannot be equipped.
  • Reduced Experience from Easy Fights - Enemies that are way weaker than the party give little to no experience (though they still drop items).
  • All Enemies Are Super Strong - All enemies are way stronger than normal.
  • Shypox - The Hero will sometimes do things out of the player's control, such as recalling an embarrassing memory that makes them lose their turn or not being able to talk to NPCs.
  • Super Shypox (Definitive Edition only) - All the other party members will sometimes become afflicted by Shypox.
  • Townsfolk Talk Tripe (Definitive Edition only) - NPCs will sometimes tell complete lies and non-sequiturs, though none of the lies are relevant or affect actual gameplay.
  • Party Wiped Out if Protagonist Perishes (Definitive Edition only) - If the Hero falls in the battle, the party instantly loses the battle and the player is sent back to the title screen.