Grim reaper

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The grim reaper is an enemy encountered in high-level grottoes in Dragon Quest IX. Like the ragged reaper, it is a scarecrow with a scythe propped on one shoulder. However, the color scheme is red and yellow.


Dragon Quest IX[edit]

#231 - Grim reaper
HP MP Experience Gold
596 60 5000 165
Attack Defense Speed
476 448 383
Dropped Item Minister's mittens (common, 1/64)
Blessed boots (rare, 1/128)
Locations Grotto
Spells Deceleratle
Family Material
Bestiary # 231
Game Dragon Quest IX
Console DS
Description They render victims helpless with Deceleratle and Kasap, then swoop in to swipe their souls with their savage scythes.
Took on their innocent, doll-like shape to lull travellers into a false sense of security. Their true form is utterly hideous.

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