Hearty ring

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Hearty ring
DQVIII Hearty ring.png
Japanese ハートのリング
Romaji Hāto no ringu
Old localizations N/a
Found in Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King (remake only)
Effect Increases the wearer's max HP and MP.

The Hearty ring is an accessory that appears exclusively in the Nintendo 3DS version of Dragon Quest VIII. It is a golden filigree ring similar in appearance to the Sorcerer's ring that gives a small boost to the wearer's max HP and MP.


The hearty ring has a defence bonus of +1, increases maximum HP and MP by 10, and can be equipped by all characters. The ring was available to any Japanese players that linked their member ID and identification code to Square Enix's Members website and registering their save file, eventually becoming available to all players from April 27th, 2016 to May 10th, 2016. It also became available to international players for a short time in 2017, but after 2018, all DLC items for the 3DS version became unavailable.


A reassuring ring that raises both max. HP and max. MP.[1]


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