Hell's steward

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The Hell's steward is a new monster in the Dragon Quest series and it was introduced in Dragon Quest X.


Hell's stewards are a humanoid monsters. They have the appearance of, a pale yellow, human of the XVIII century with baroque details in their outfits like a white curly wig on their head, a blue foulard or a pair of angel wings at their back. They wear a black long jacket that is buttoned from the neck to the waist and there it opens, dark blue pants and black leather boots with white details. They wield a red baton on their left hands, and normally attack the party if they were conducting an orchestra.


Dragon Quest X[edit]

Hell's stewards are reincarnated monsters so they only appear with another color scheme of their species (like hell conductors) and their level is extremely high, so the player must avoid them at every cost if they are still weak in comparision with them.


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