Honking hammer

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Honking hammer
DQVIII Honking Hammer.png
Japanese ピコピコハンマー
Romaji Pikopikohanmā
Old localizations N/a
Found in Dragon Quest VIII
Dragon Quest X
Effect Has a chance of decreasing the target's Defence when attacking.

The Honking hammer is a recurring hammer in the Dragon Quest series. It is a joke weapon shaped like a toy hammer and is decorated with a pink slime on it.


Dragon Quest VIII remake only[edit]

In the Nintendo 3DS version, the honking hammer has an attack bonus of +25 and has a 25% chance of reducing the target's Defence when attacking or performing a skill. It can be equipped by Yangus and Morrie and can be sold for 2,500 gold, but it is not recommended to do so as only one can be acquired in the game.

The hammer was available as a special promotion for Japanese players who registered their data to Square Enix's Members website who had StreetPassed another player. It also became available to international players for a short time in 2017, but after 2018, all DLC items for the 3DS version became unavailable.

Dragon Quest X[edit]

The honking hammer appears as a joke weapon.


An amusing mallet that manages to lower its target's defence sometimes... squeakily.[1]


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