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Lavender (formerly Linda) is a character found in Greenthumb Gardens. She appears in Dragon Quest VII.


Lavender works as a servant to Burdock, the owner of the Herb Garden in Greenthumb Gardens. Her father had accumulated a substantial debt to Burdock. Because of this, Lavender works for Burdock to pay off this debt. In the process, she caught the eye of Dill, Burdock's son. Dill proposes that they be married. This would eliminate Lavender's debt altogether.

Lavender, however, is in love with Carraway. She tries to have him return her affections but is spurned. Unknown by Lavender, Carraway does love Lavender but understanding that marrying Dill would help her financially.

One day, as Lavender and Carraway were talking out in the herb garden, a Grey Rain began to fall. This is caused by Rainiac. Carraway, after seeing that anyone exposed to the rain turned to stone, covers Lavender, using his own body.

Greenthumb Gardens[edit]

The party saves Greenthumb Gardens with the Angel Tears. However, Carraway, due to his overexposure to the rain, isn't completely cured. The residents take him back to his house. Lavender is horrified and bewildered at the fact that Carraway would sacrifice himself like this, even though he made it clear that he doesn't like her. She falls into a deep depression, to the consternation of Dill.

The party heal Carraway using the prescription created by Palmela. Burdock then throws a party to celebrate Carraway's recovery and announce Lavender and Dill's engagement. However, before this announcement is made, rain begins to fall. The people, fearing the Gray Rain has returned, takes shelter, effectively ruining the feast.

Carraway and Lavender have a conversation in the rain. Lavender tries to convince Carraway to run away with her, but he refuses, not wanting to cause trouble for her or his family. Lavender becomes angry and tells him that when she marries Dill, she will work him to the bone. All Carraway says in response is that she should go back inside before she catches cold. She yells at him, telling him that she never wanted to see Carraway again.

Carraway decides to leave Greenthumb Gardens. He leaves without a word to anybody. The next day, Lavender realizes that Carraway has left town and becomes depressed. She tells the party that she only wanted him to elope with her. However, her words had the opposite effect.


Lavender and Dill eventually marry. They have a son named Eppe. Dill, sometime during the 30 year period, loses the mansion to Kasadol. They both become workers. Dill becomes lazy and frequents the bar. They start to have arguments. Lavender became fed up with the way that Dill treated her and ran away from Greenthumb Gardens. She becomes a nun in the Regrette-Rien Convent, which overlooks Wilted Heart. She was given the convent name Bessia. She never had the courage to tell Carraway what happened to her. Six months before the party arrives via the Litorud Bridge, she passes away. Her grave faces Wilted Heart. It is engraved with her real name and the inscription I will always protect your garden.'


Lavender is buried in the Geionne Monestary. She is buried besides Carraway, facing Wilted Heart.

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