List of litheness skills in Dragon Quest IX

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Litheness skills are learned via the Minstrel class.

Hot Lick[edit]

Sends forth jets of flame to attack a single enemy. This move is very weak; even a high-level character only does 20-25 damage with it. It is, however, required to unlock the Luminary vocation.


Targeted enemy group may miss their next turn. Similar to War Cry. Requires 16 skill points to learn.

Sobering Slap[edit]

In combat, dispels confusion from one party member. Though not listed in description, it also awakens sleeping party members. This technique requires 2 MP to use, and 32 skill points to learn.

Tap Dance[edit]

Increases evasion by 50% for 6~9 turns. Requires 55 skill points to learn.

Have a Ball[edit]

Hits randomly selected enemies six to eight times, each ball striking for 30% of a normal attack's damage. This ability is very useful against low-end metal monsters, as each ball is treated as a separate attack. Costs 8 MP to use and 82 skill points to learn.

Gritty Ditty[edit]

It increases every party member's Attack by one level (25%). Requires the 'Minstrel's Manual' in a character's inventory to use.

Passive Bonuses[edit]

Fully maximizing the Litheness skill tree will grant the following permanent bonuses for the character:

  • +30 Charm when 22 points are invested.
  • +30 Magical might when points are invested.
  • +30 Magical mending when 68 points are invested.
  • +50 Deftness when the skill tree is completed.
  • Increased evasion at low HP (Spry in a Crisis)
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