List of ruggedness skills in Dragon Quest IX

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Ruggedness skills are learned via the Ranger class.

Soothe Sayer[edit]

Calms down an enraged opponent. Costs 2 MP to use and 4 skill points to learn.


Offers weaker enemies a chance to flee. Requires 16 skill points to learn.


Allows party move on the field without being spotted by enemies (similar to holy water). During battle, this technique lasts for 6~9 turns and greatly reduces the user's likeliness to be targeted by physical attacks. Costs 3 MP to use and 32 skill points to master.

Mist Me[edit]

Summons a fog that absorbs the next enemy attack for the user. Costs 5 MP to use and 55 skill points to master.

Wolf Whistle[edit]

Summons two wolves that attack the enemy. This skill hits twice, and damage is based on user's deftness and strength. Costs 16 MP to use and 82 skill points to master.

Passive Bonuses[edit]

The Ruggedness skill tree will grant the following permanent bonuses for the character:

  • +10 Deftness when 10 points are invested.
  • +20 Agility when 22 points are invested.
  • +20 Resilience when 42 points are invested.
  • +30 Deftness when 68 points are invested.
  • +60 Deftness when the skill tree is completed.
  • With the 'Ranger's Revelations' in inventory, a character in critical condition has an increased chance of critical hits.