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Plus Alpha is the localization company that has been responsible for translating many of the Dragon Quest games into English for North American and European territories, starting with Dragon Quest VIII. They are well known for their use of British English, a variety of puns, and pop culture references to, in their own words, "give our products a fresh flavour".


Plus Alpha consists of two individuals: Clare Saracine and Will Blatchley.

Games Localized[edit]

Plus Alpha has performed localization work on the following Dragon Quest titles for Square Enix:

And then there were their contemporaries, who continued that same style:

A brief list of non S-E games that the team has localize includes:

  • Aegis of Earth
  • Mystery Room
  • Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney 3
  • Okami
  • Shadow Hearts 2
  • Dark Cloud 2: a title developer by DQ alumni Level-5 prior to their work on the series.

Controversy of Localization Changes[edit]

Older fans of the series have criticized Plus Alpha's localization style, expressing their opinion that the use of puns and British English undermines the serious nature of the games. However, the original Japanese scripts house several puns and jokes of their own, and Dragon Quest is famous in Japan for being atypical of more standard RPG syntax.

All of Plus Alpha's edits are done under supervision from Square Enix, and permission must be given by Yuji Horii himself before any change can be made official. Plus Alpha's work has received praise from professional critics and been said to distinguish Dragon Quest among its peers in the role-playing game market.

External Links[edit]

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