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Just some ideas; need some feedback[edit]

There are two translations of Dragon Quest V, and a mostly complete one for Dragon Quest VI. So which names do we use for the spells?

Dragon Quest V

  • Partial Translations/DeJap
  • Byuu
  • Original Kana
  • All three

Dragon Quest VI

  • No Prgress
  • Original Kana
  • Both

There are some spells which although they have the same name, they have different effects in different games (a good example being Blizzard - an enemy group spell in Dragon Warrior IV and Dragon Warrior III (GBC version), but an all enemies spell in Dragon Warrior VII and Partial Translations' version of Dragon Quest V).

I think we should have a seperate list for the skills - those found in Dragon Quest V, VI, VII, and VIII. Zenithian 15:14, 18 December 2007 (EST)


I would say go with the translation patches that are most complete, because people would more likely have played them. Also, I'm wondering if the English translations used in the GB/C ports should have their own section?

I'm also curious as to whether or not you think it would be a good idea to have the Japanese spell names in English if they can be. For example, "Dibainsuperu" is supposed to be "Divine Spell" and "Meirusutoromu" is supposed to be "Maelstorm."

I would like for the original English translations to be used for the spells instead of the remakes. When we list version differences for games we can say what was changed in them. Also as for spells having different effects in different games we could just say something like "Zap-In Dragon Warrior 3-5 it does medium damage to one enemy. In Dragon Quest 6-8 it does medium damage to all enemies." As for what translations to use for Dragon Quest V and VI spells I believe that all the spells should already have their own translations from the other games so we could just use those. As for skills from VI I believe that most if not all of those are in Dragon Warrior VII so we could just use the translations from there for them.