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Note: This list is not yet complete. While most of the spells found in Dragon Quest are included below, a few remain to be added to this list, including their English localization names.

This is a Spell List for the various spells appearing in the Dragon Quest games released by Enix and Square Enix. For more detail on any given spell, please refer to its applicable page. Where N/A is listed, that spell did not appear in that game or has not been translated yet.

Original Japanese Plus-Alpha Enix of America Description
メラ Mera Frizz Blaze Low level fire damage to one enemy.
メラミ Merami Frizzle Blazemore Mid level fire damage to one enemy.
メラゾーマ Merazoma Kafrizzle (prior to IX), Kafrizz Blazemost High level fire damage to one enemy.
メラガイアー Meragaiā Kafrizzle None Highest fire damage to one enemy.
メラストーム Merastoomu Kerfrizz None Several fire spells in succession.
ギラ Gira Sizz Firebal Low level fire damage to one group of enemies.
ベギラマ Begirama Sizzle Firebane Mid level fire damage to one group of enemies.
ベギラゴン Begiragon Kasizzle (prior to X), Kasizz Firebolt High level fire damage to one group of enemies.
ギラグレイド Giragrade Kasizzle (after X) N/A Highest level fire damage to one group of enemies.
イオ Io Bang Bang Small explosion damages all enemies.
イオラ Iora Boom Boom Medium explosion damages all enemies.
イオナズン Ionazun Kaboom Explodet Large explosion damages all enemies.
イオグランデ Iogurande Kaboomle None Major explosion damages all enemies.
ヒャド Hyado Crack Icebolt Icicle falls on one enemy for small amount of damage.
ヒャダルコ Hyadaruko Crackle Snowblast Icicle attack to one group of enemies.
ヒャダイン Hyadain Kacrack Icespears Icicles attack all enemies.
マヒャド Mahyado Kacrackle Blizzard Massive icicles damage all foes.
バギ Bagi Woosh Infernos Small tornado damages one group of enemies.
バギマ Bagima Swoosh Infermore Mid sized tornado damages one group of enemies.
バギクロス Bagikurosu Kaswoosh Infermost Huge tornado damages one group of enemies.
バギムーチョ Bagimuucho Kaswooshle None Major tornado damages one group of enemies.
デイン Dein Zap (in spin offs) N/A Base level lightning spell.
ライデイン Raidein Zap (in numbered titles), Zapple (in spin offs) Zap Mid level lightning damage.
ギガデイン Gigadein Kazap Thordain High level lightning damage.
ミナデイン Minadein Kazapple Alldain Catastrophic lightning damage
ジコデイン Jigodein N/A N/A Highest level lightning damage
ドルマ Doruma Zam N/A Low level dark damage to one enemy.
ドルクマ Dorukuma Zammle N/A Mid level dark damage to one enemy.
ドルモーア Dorumooa Kazam N/A High level dark damage to one enemy.
ドルマドン Dorumadon Kazammle N/A Highest level dark damage to one enemy.
ドラゴラム Doragoramu Puff! Bedragon Turns user into a huge, uncontrollable dragon.
コーラルレイン Koorarurein Coral Grief CoralRain Bashes all foes with shards of scleractinia.
マダンテ Madante Magic Burst MegaMagic Consumes all MP to do massive damage to all enemies.
ザキ Zaki Whack Beat Attempts to instantly kill one monster.
ザラキ Zaraki Thwack Defeat Attempts to instantly kill a group of enemies.
ザラキーマ Zarakiima Kathwack DefeatMax Attempts to instantly kill all enemies.
ニフラム Nifuramu Poof Expel Attempts to exorcise an enemy group from battle.
バシルーラ Bashiruura Bazoom Disperse Attempts to remove one enemy from battle.
メガンテ Megante Kamikazee Sacrifice User sacrifices his or her own life to annihilate all enemies. (Will not work on some foes).
ホイミ Hoimi Heal Heal Heals one ally for about 30 HP.
ベホイミ Behoimi Midheal Healmore Heals one ally for about 80 HP.
ベホイム Behoimu Moreheal Recovers at least 165 HP for one ally.
ベホマ Behoma Fullheal Healall One ally recovers all HP.
ベホマラー Behomaraa Multiheal Healus Heals all allies for about 80 HP.
ベホマズン Behomazun Omniheal Healusall Heals all allies fully.
キアリー Kiarii Squelch Antidote Removes poison from one party member.
キアリク Kiariku Tingle Numboff Removes paralysis from all allies.
キアラル Kiararu N/A N/A Brings an ally back to their senses, removing confusion.
ザメハ Zameha Cock-a-doodle-doo Awaken Awakens all allies from sleep.
シャナク Shanaku Sheen CurseOff Removes a curse from an ally.
マホトーン Mahotoon Fizzle Stopspell Attempts to seal a group of enemies spells.
ペスカトレ Pesukatore Ban Dance DanceShut Prevents foes from dancing.
ラリホー Rarihoo Snooze Sleep Attempts to put an enemy group to sleep.
ラリホーマ Rarihooma Kasnooze SleepAll A more potent spell that attempts to put a group of enemies into a deep sleep.
メダパニ Medapani Fuddle PanicAll Attempts to confuse one enemy.
メダパニーマ Medapaniima Kafuddle N/A Attempts to confuse all enemies.
マヌーサ Manuusa Dazzle Surround Attempts to dazzle a group of enemies.
マホトラ Mahotora Drain Magic RobMagic Steals MP from one enemy.
ヘナトス Henatosu Blunt N/A Lowers one foe's attack.
ルカニ Rukani Sap Sap Lowers one foe's defense.
ルカナン Rukanan Kasap Defense Lowers one group of foe's defense.
ボミエ Bomie Decelerate N/A Lowers one foe's agility.
ボミオス Bomiosu Deceleratle Slow Lowers one group of enemies agility.
ディバインスペル Dibainsuperu Divine Intervention N/A Lowers a group of enemies resistance to magic.
マジャスティス Majasutisu The Great Leveller Majustis Prevents a single enemy from using certain spells.
ギガジャティス Gigajatisu The Greater Leveller Gigastis Prevents all enemies and allies from using certain spells.
スカラ Sukara Buff Upper Increases one ally's defense.
スクルト Sukuruto Kabuff Increase Increases all allies defense.
ピオラ Piora Accelerate N/A Increase one ally's agility.
ピオリム Piorimu Acceleratle Speedup Increases all allies agility.
バイキルト Baikiruto Oomph TwinHits Doubles one ally's attack power.
マホステ Mahosute Snub Fendspell Renders a character temporarily immune to spells.
マホキテ Mahokite Absorb Magic TakeMagic Absorbs MP from incoming spells.
マホターン Mahotaan Bound MagicBack Bounces back one spell
マホカンタ Mahokanta Bounce Bounce Creates a shield on one ally that will reflect all magic cast on that ally back at the user.
マジックバリア Majikkubaria Magic Barrier MagicWall Puts a shield on all allies that reduces damage from magic attacks.
フバーハ Fubaaha Insulatle Barrier Draws a curtain of light before all allies that will reduce damage from breath attacks.
アストロン Asutoron Kaclang Ironize Turns all allies to iron for three turns allowing them to not be harmed but they will not be able to take any actions.
モシャス Moshasu Morph Transform Transform into one of your fellow allies and gain their abilities.
ザオラル Zaoraru Zing Vivify 50% chance to revive an ally at half HP.
ザオリク Zaoriku Kazing Revive Revives one ally.
ザオリーマ Zaoriima N/A N/A
メガザル Megazaru Kerplunk Farewell Consumes all HP and MP to revive all allies at full health.
マホアゲル Mahoageru Share Magic N/A Transfers MP to ally
ルーラ Ruura Zoom Return Return to a previously visited town.
リレミト Riremito Evac Outside Teleports you right outside the cave or dungeon you are in.
レミーラ Remiira Glow Radiant Emits a bright light around your character allowing you to see in dark caves.
トラマナ Toramana Safe Passage StepGuard Prevents dangerous floors from harming you for a short while.
トヘロス Toherosu Holy Protection Repel Keeps weaker monsters away from your party.
レムオル Remuoru Vanish Invisible Turns your party invisible for a short time.
ラナルータ Ranaruuta Tick-tock Day-Night Turns day into night and night into day.
レミラーマ Remiraama Snoop MapMagic Reveals the number of treasures in the area.
インパス Inpasu Peep X-Ray Allows you to see what is inside a chest before opening it.
フローミ Furoomi Storeyteller Location Reveals current location.
アバカム Abakamu Click Open Opens any locked door.
パルプンテ Parupunte Hocus Pocus Chance Produces a random good or bad effect in battle.

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