Mighty Magic Burst

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Mighty Magic Burst is an enhanced version of Magic Burst that channels the MP of two casters into an irresistible eruption of pure magical energy.


Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age[edit]

Mighty Magic Burst is a pep power that can be used by Veronica and Serena, as well as by Mordegon and Mordragon. When cast by the former, it multiplies the sum of the sisters' current MP by three and nullifies the effect of 0 Zone. The maximum damage that can be dealt with both girls at 999 MP is 5994, and the spell has no actual element with it only being resisted by metal slimes.

In the case of Modegon and Mordragon, the average damage range is fixed to 270 but still drains the demons of all their MP.

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