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Kasizz is a spell first introduced in the Joker sub-series. As with the other Sizz spells, it roasts a group of enemies in roaring flames.


Dragon Quest X[edit]

Dancers will learn Kasizz at level 45. The spell's damage calculation is Magical Might x 0.33 +55 with a maximum range of 256~268. The spell costs 21 MP to cast, and will fire in a straight line from the conjurer for ten meters.

Dragon Quest XI[edit]

The Hero and Veronica will learn kasizz at level 40 and 38, respectively. The spell costs 16 MP to cast and will deal a base range of 100~116 before capping at 216~232

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2[edit]

Kasizz's base range is 114~126, and the maximum cap is 209~231. The follower skillsets teach the spell to a monster: Frizz & Sizz 2, Frizz & Sizz 3, Bang & Sizz 2, Bang & Sizz 3, Woosh & Sizz 2 ,Woosh & Sizz 3, Crack & Sizz 2, Crack & Sizz 3, Sizz & Zap 2, Sizz & Zap 3, Sizz & Zam 2, Sizz & Zam 3, Exorsus, Uber Zapologist.

Localization Differences[edit]

Begiragon had previously been localized as Kasizzle until X, with the localized name being passed on to Giragrade. In other words, the Japanese games received new fourth-tier spells with new names and the English localizations gained new third-tier spells.

Battle Visuals[edit]