Hero (Dragon Quest XI)

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Dragon Quest XI
DQXI Hero art.png
Sprite(s) DQXI Hero sprite.png
Japanese name 勇者
Romaji Yuusha
Title Luminary
Class Hero
Race Human
Age 16
Family Amber (adoptive mother)
Chalky (adoptive grandfather)
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Rab (grandfather)
Erdwin (ancestor)
Gemma (potential wife)
Serena (potential wife)
Veronica (potential wife)
Jade (potential wife)
Erik (potential bro for life/husband)
Voice actor Rasmus Hardiker (English)
Mitsuki Saiga (Japanese, XI S, Super Smash Bros.)

The Hero of Dragon Quest XI, also known as the Luminary, is a young man from the sleepy village of Cobblestone. After participating in a coming-of-age ceremony, he finds out he is the reincarnation of an ancient hero who once saved the world. On his 16th birthday, he sets out on his journey in order to fulfill his destiny.

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the Luminary has been given the default name Eleven in order to differentiate him from the other three Heroes appearing in the game, following the naming convention seen in the promotional material of other games.


He is a young man with blue eyes and dirty blond chin-length hair in a bob cut. On his left hand, he bears a mysterious mark that has appeared since the day he was born. The mark glows when the Luminary is in danger. He wears a long, sleeveless brown and purple leather tunic over a black long-sleeved shirt, brown trousers, and tan leather boots. Around his waist, he wears a leather belt with a small bag attached and he carries a scabbard across his back. The Luminary's good looks and hair are commented on by various characters.


Warning: Spoilers!
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The Luminary was born into a great destiny, said to be the reincarnation of a great hero who saved the world in the past. He was born on the same day as Gemma, a girl from the village who becomes his childhood friend. On their 16th birthday, the two celebrate together before the young man sets out on his journey to fulfill his destiny. He comes into conflict with King Carnelian of Heliodor, who declares that the Luminary will cause the resurrection of the Dark One, and dubs him the infamous Darkspawn.

Base stats[edit]

Attribute Starting Stats Maximum Stats
Level 1 99
HP 22 750
MP 0 460
Strength 8 380
Agility 6 350
Resilience 6 220
Magical Might 5 350
Magical Mending 3 330
Deftness 5 200
Charm 4 250
Initial gear Cobblestone sword, Plain clothes
Cobblestone greatsword (in inventory)
  • The Luminary also possesses a minor resistance to being cursed.

Pep bonus[edit]

Strength +20% (40%), resilience +20% (40%), critical rate up (critical rate further increased). Parenthesis accounts for pep-up power-up bonuses.


Name MP Level Target Description
Frizz 2 2 One enemy NA
Heal 3 5 One ally NA
Sizz 3 8 Enemy group NA
Evac 0 9 All allies NA
Bang 6 15 All enemies NA
Snooze 3 16 Enemy group NA
Midheal 6 19 One ally NA
Sizzle 7 23 Enemy group NA
Frizzle 8 25 One enemy NA
Zing 12 28 One ally NA
Moreheal 12 30 One ally NA
Boom 12 31 All enemies NA
Kasnooze 8 35 Enemy group NA
Kasizz 16 40 Enemy group NA
Kafrizz 21 56 One enemy NA
Kazing 24 62 One ally NA
Zoom 0 Event All allies NA

Event abilities[edit]

Name MP Target Description
Quadraslash 24 All Enemies Up to 330~390 non-elemental damage
Flamesplitter 16 All enemies Up to 210~250 fire damage
Seasplitter 16 All enemies Up to 210~250 ice damage
Skysplitter 16 All enemies Up to 210~250 wind damage
Earthsplitter 16 All enemies Up to 210~250 earth damage
Blightsplitter 16 All enemies Up to 210~250 darkness damage
Brightsplitter 16 All enemies Up to 210~250 light damage
  • NOTE: the power of the splitter skills will be enhanced if the Luminary is equipped with the Sword of Light or one of it's reforged forms. This raises the base damage to 200~240 and the maximum to 400~440.

Character builder[edit]


Name MP Points Target Pep Info Oomph
Flame Slash 2 3 One Yes 120% fire damage to a single enemy Yes
Attack Power When Wielding +3 -- 4 -- -- NA --
Critical Hit Chance When Wielding +2% -- 6 -- -- NA --
Sword Stance 2 7 -- -- Increases parrying chance by 33% for four turns --
Attack Power When Wielding +6 -- 10 -- -- NA --
Dragon Slash 2 10 One Yes 200% (plus 10) damage to dragon-family monsters Yes
Attack Power When Wielding +10 -- 12 -- -- NA --
Dual-Wielding -- 12 -- -- NA --
Metal Slash -- 12 One Yes 1~2 damage to metal slimes, cannot miss Yes
Miracle Slash 4 16 One Yes Restores at least 20 HP Yes


Name MP Points Target Pep Info Oomph
Greatsword Guard 2 3 -- -- Increases parrying chance by 33% for four turns --
Attack Power When Wielding +5 -- 4 -- -- NA --
Critical Hit Chance When Wielding +2% -- 6 -- -- NA --
Helichopter 4 7 Group Yes Full damage to a group of enemies First hit
Attack Power When Wielding +15 -- 12 -- -- NA --
Frost Fangs 10 12 Group Yes Up to 130~140 ice damage to a group of enemies, 25% chance to stun each Yes
Cutting Edge 8 10 One Yes 157%~225% damage to a single enemy, cannot critical hit Yes
Critical Hit Chance When Wielding +3% -- 12 -- -- NA --
Unbridled Blade 16 16 One Yes 290%~310% damage to a single enemy, cannot critical hit Yes
Attack Power When Wielding +10 -- 10 -- -- NA --


Name MP Points Target Pep Info Oomph
Counter When Blocking/Parrying -- 12 -- -- NA --
Strength +25 -- 12 -- -- NA --
Critical Hit Chance +3% -- 16 -- -- NA --
Falcon Slash 4 16 One Yes Full damage per hit, doubles critical hit chance First hit
Sword Dance 8 16 Group Yes Randomly slashes four enemies for 75% damage per hit All hits
Gigaslash 16 25 -- Yes Up to 210~250 lightning damage to all enemies --
Gigasmash 16 25 -- Yes Up to 250~270 lightning damage to a group of enemies --
Blade of Ultimate Power 48 36 -- -- Up to 680~720 non-elemental damage to one enemy --
Gigacrash 32 36 -- Yes Up to 440~460 lightning damage to a group of enemies --
Gigagash 32 36 -- Yes Up to 390~430 lightning damage to all enemies --


Name MP Points Target Pep Info Oomph
Agility +10 -- 8 -- -- NA --
Deftness +10 -- 8 -- -- NA --
Holy Protection 2 8 -- -- Keeps monsters at bay for 30 seconds --
Pep Chance +5% -- 8 -- -- NA --
Poof 2 8 -- -- Attempts to expel all enemies No
Resilience +10 -- 8 -- -- NA --
Strength +10 -- 8 -- -- NA No
Zap 8 8 -- Yes Up to 131~141 lightning damage to a group of enemies No
Charm +40 -- 12 -- -- -- --
Fullheal 24 12 Ally -- Fully heal a single party member. No
Kaclang 8 12 Ally -- Turns one party member to metal. They are immune to damage, but cannot act for 2-4 turns. --
Magical Might +5 -- 12 -- -- NA --
Maximum MP +20 -- 12 -- -- NA --
Strength +15 -- 12 -- -- NA No
Zapple 22 12 -- Yes Up to 314~344 lightning damage to a group of enemies --
Magical Mending +50 -- 14 -- -- NA --
Magical Might +50 -- 14 -- -- NA No
Maximum HP +20 -- 14 -- -- NA --
Kazap 48 16 -- Yes Up to 695~745 lightning damage to a group of enemies --
Omniheal 64 16 Party -- A party wide full heal. --
Pep Chance +10% -- 20 -- -- NA --
Pep-Up Power-Up -- 20 -- -- Increases the boost given during Pep-Up --
Pep Up 25 25 -- -- Automatically enter a pepped up state that lasts only 4~6 turns instead of the standard 6~8 --

Other appearances[edit]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]

The Hero of XI, under the name Eleven, appears as one of four Heroes, alongside the Heroes of III, IV, and VIII. He is the default Hero, and wields the Supreme Sword of Light and Erdwin's Shield.

While playing as the Hero in Classic Mode, Eleven appears as Round 2's opponent and is fought at Yggdrasil's Altar. He is allied with a tiny, female Robin wearing her red alternate costume, in reference to Veronica.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius[edit]

As part of a collaborative series of events to commemorate Dragon Quest titles, the Luminary appeared as a summonable vision shortly after the international release of the game.


A luminary is a person of prominence or great achievement, and the word can also be used to refer to one of the celestial bodies that gives off visible light. Specifically, this latter definition is used for the moon and sun in most astronomical discourse.


  • The Luminary is the first protagonist to not be referred to as Yuusha (勇者) in promotional material nor the game itself. Instead, the title of Shujinkō (主人公) is used, which means protagonist in Japanese.
  • The Luminary has some similarities with some of the heroes from previous games:
    • He comes from a lineage of previous heroes, much like the original Hero and the Prince of Midenhall.
    • He sets out on his journey on his 16th birthday, similar to Erdrick. As the story advances, he is able to wield the Sword of Light, also known as Erdrick's sword in other games, which is important to the plot. It was wielded by the original Luminary.
    • He was born with a mysterious mark on his left hand known as the Mark of Light, much like the Hero of Dragon Quest VII. It grants him with mysterious powers and glows in times of danger.
    • His inability to advance past the second tier of explosive spells is a reference to Erdrick and Solo, who are also only able to learn up to Boom.
    • His family connections make him similar to both Erdrick and Eight, as well. The Luminary finds out that his father, Irwin, was a great warrior himself much like Ortega. He is also secretly a prince from the kingdom of Dundrasil as revealed by Rab, his maternal grandfather, much like Eight finding out about his royal lineage from his grandfather, Chen Mui.
  • In the international version of the game, there is a special costume that allows him to dress up like the Hero from Dragon Quest VIII. The outfit was added for Japanese players in the Switch version of the game.
  • The Luminary has the same hairstyle as Android 17 of Akira Toriyama's Dragon Ball series, as well as a similar physique.
  • He is the first hero in the main series to have a voice actor in the English version of the games. English actor Rasmus Hardiker provides his vocal grunts in various scenes and in battle.
  • It is revealed at the end of the game by the Yggdragon, the spirit of Yggdrasil, that the Luminary is the first in a line of knights dubbed "Erdrick", thus making him the first Erdrick knight.
  • In the international fan poll for Dragon Quest XI released by Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu, the Luminary was voted the third most popular male character in the game and the fifth most popular character overall, with a total of 289 votes.
  • The Hero shares some similarities with Joker from Persona 5
Both are silent protagonist
  • They were falsely accused

Joker being arrested after Shido sued him The Hero mistakenly called a darkspawn by King Carnelian

  • They wear masks at some point

Joker when exploring the metaverse The Hero participating in a tournament

  • They turned into animals

Joker as a mouse The Hero as a fish