Cobblestone Tor

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Cobblestone Tor is a mountain in Dragon Quest XI located to the south of the Luminary's hometown of Cobblestone. A youth who comes of age in Cobblestone must climb the Tor on their birthday as part of a special ceremony.

Additionally, Cobblestone Tor makes a good tutorial for how to traverse the game world, as many structures to interact with, such as climbable ledges and ropes, are located near the top.


At the beginning of the game, the Luminary and his childhood friend Gemma must climb to the top as part of their coming-of-age ceremony and give thanks to the Spirit of the Land. Before they can set out on their journey, they are accosted by a group of three Slimes, who are quickly dispatched by the Luminary. The two are joined by Gemma's loyal dog Sandy, who helps guide the player if they get lost and will take part in battles, as well. Gemma stays in the back of battles and can use healing items on the Luminary if necessary. Before they can reach the top of the mountain, the pair come across the young village boy Cole about to be attacked by a pair of Smog monsters. Once again, the Luminary is able to defeat the monsters and save the boy.

After the battle, Cole apologizes for causing trouble, insisting that he only wanted to hide and catch them by surprise. Gemma remarks that it's unusual for monsters to be found on the Tor. The pair are able to reach the top of the mountain, where the view is obscured by rain and thunder. As the two are about to deliver the prayer for the ceremony, they are attacked by a Hades' Condor, causing a startled Gemma to nearly fall off the face of the mountain. Just as the Luminary reaches his hand down to rescue her, the mysterious mark on his hand starts to glow and it suddenly appears in the sky. The mark then strikes the bird down with a thunderbolt, allowing the Luminary to help Gemma back up on her feet. The young woman is astonished and notices that the mark on the Luminary's hand has stopped glowing. The two are finally able to deliver their prayer and the heavy clouds begin to part, giving them a view of the nature around them. Gemma remarks that whoever came up with the ceremony wanted to show people the vastness of the world of Erdrea. The friends then make their way back down the mountain back to their village.

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Much later in the game, Erik's pal Derk is kidnapped by a Hades' condor and taken to Cobblestone Tor. When the Luminary and Erik rescue Derk, it becomes possible to recruit him to Cobblestone. There is also a side quest that requires the Luminary to locate a message carved on a tree at the top of the Tor. Both of these activities are wholly optional.

Additionally, if the Luminary pairs with Gemma or any party member after making the appropriate wish in Drustan's Labyrinth, his new life partner will express interest in visiting Cobblestone Tor. A special cutscene will take place at the top of the Tor if the Luminary takes his partner there. Note that this cutscene is only available in S: Definitive Edition and, like all other events at Cobblestone Tor after the beginning of the game, is technically optional.


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