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This article is about the party member in Dragon Quest XI. For minor character in Dragon Quest III, see Eric.

"A young man who has abandoned his lucrative life of crime to team up with the Luminary. He managed to sneak into Heliodor Castle and steal the Red Orb, but was eventually apprehended and thrown into the dungeons. After helping our Hero escape from his cell, he joined him on his travels...for not entirely selfless reasons."

XI loading screen

Dragon Quest XI
Dragon Quest Treasures
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Sprite(s) Erik sprite walk.gif
Japanese name カミュ
Romaji Kamyu
Class Thief
Race Human
Age 19
Warning: Spoilers!
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Mia (younger sister)
Voice actor Japanese:
Kōki Uchiyama (DQ XI)
Motoko Kumai (DQ Treasures)
Gunnar Cauthery (DQ XI)
Mack Keith-Roach (DQ Treasures)

Erik (カミュ Camus) is a character in Dragon Quest XI. He is a former Thief who becomes a companion to the Hero early in the story after abandoning his life of crime.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Erik is a young man with blue eyes and slicked back, spiky cyan hair that has a single forelock. His hair is his favorite trait about himself and he has a tendency to run his hands through his hair when he's excited. [1] He has a single gold hoop earring on each ear and wears purple beads around his neck. His clothes are relatively simple, wearing a hooded dark green tunic with lacing that exposes his chest, a red sash tied around his waist, dark blue trousers, fingerless gloves, and leather shoes worn with orange socks that are held up with string. He carries a scabbard with a knife on his sash, which is his prized possession.

Erik is a man with a troubled past that he does not speak openly of, and his criminal career has led him to rub elbows with the shadier sides of society. Despite his aloof exterior Erik has a kind and compassionate heart, as shown when trouble happens for friends and family. He is a seasoned traveler and guides the Luminary along his journey. Erik is always there to support the Luminary and his faith in the man is unshakable. He relieves stress by exercising and working up a sweat. Erik's favorite food is wild traveler's stew. When he was still a slave for the Vikings, they forced him to do all the cooking for them. His personal motto is "tomorrow is another day". As part of his daily routine, he sharpens his favorite knife and maintains his thieving tools. Erik has a tendency to bicker with Veronica, who refers to him as an idiot. However, the two of them are more alike than different and share a unique bond of affection. His weapons of choice consist of Knives, one-handed Swords, and Boomerangs, and he is even capable of dual wielding weapons.


Dragon Quest X[edit]

Erik was added as an NPC to the MMO as a promotional event for the "S: Definitive Edition" version of XI being launched in Japan. He gives the player a short quest, and upon completing it rewards his outfit as a cosmetic armor set.

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age[edit]

"Glad you're coming along. The Seer told me to stick with the Luminary when I found him and that's just what I'm going to do."

Warning: Spoilers!
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Erik is an orphan from the Sniflheim region, with his only family being his younger sister Mia. The siblings were taken in by the vikings that pillage the area and forced into servitude. Erik and Mia depended on each other to survive their difficult youth, with the latter developing the same sense of materialistic greed that her masters did. During his teens, Erik would make the disastrous mistake of giving Mia a necklace rumored to have the power to turn anything the wearer touches into solid gold. Mia runs wild with this power and turns everything around her into gold, even animals, which activates the necklace's curse and begins to transformer her as well. Mia cries out for help as the changes take place, and Erik hesitates before attempting to save her. Though he could have done nothing to prevent the curse for taking hold, and it being likely that he would have been transformed as well if he had touched Mia during the process, Erik blames himself for the apparent death of his little sister.

Erik would flee the Sniflheim region out of shame, and take to a life of robbery in order to sustain himself. During this period he would meet Derk, and the two would become successful partners in crime. At one point during this period, Erik would meet The Seer. The mysterious prophet proclaims that if Erik were to infiltrate Heliodor castle and steal the fabled Red Orb and meets with the Luminary "underground", then he would find the forgiveness he longs for. Erik doesn't believe a word of what is told to him and instead only steals the orb because it was a treasure Mia once longed for during their childhood.

Erik hides the orb with Derk after the heist and is later captured, spending nearly a year in the castle dungeon while slowly digging a tunnel through the bottom of his cell. It is during this period where he encounters the recently imprisoned Luminary and, after realizing that the Seer's prophecy is coming true, pledges his loyalty to the man and aids his escape. After a frantic flight from the Heliodor guards led by Hendrik, the duo escape through a teleportal to the distant city of Hotto and begin the adventure to reach the World tree in earnest.

When Erik and the party go to Sniflheim to retrieve the Blue Orb, Erik will become distant and quiet. In Party Chat he will offhandedly state that he and his sister grew up in the area, but will offer no elaboration. After the fall of the World tree at the end of the first act, Erik is captured by one of Mordegon's Spectral Sintinels, Indignus. He awakens in a cell with a healslime, who had soothed his injuries while he was unconscious. Making a swift escape, Erik takes the healslime with him and avoids detection by the dragon monsters under Indignus' employ. During this sequence the healslime will speak of things that Erik has not told him of, such as his name, the past of his sister, and his journey with the Luminary. When cornered by Indignus and facing death, the healslime revels himself to be the Seer and offers Erik a fighting chance to save his life: exchange his most precious possession for a tremendous, temporary boost in power. Erik agrees and fights his way through the horde to escape, but at the cost of his memories of Mia and his friends.

  • This scenario is only present in the S: definitive edition of the game.

The amnesiac Erik is latter found stowing away on Sylvando's personal ship in order to steal food. The party is shocked that he does not recognize them, and assure him that hes hasa place to stay until his memories return. A priest in Sniflheim remembers Erik from years before, and tells the party about Erik's previously hidden past. Hearing this overwhelms Erik and he leaves as his memory struggles to return. Erik then returns to hut he and his sister grew up in, and discovers that Mia has been freed by Mordegon in order to put her greed and anger to shame as one of his Spectral Sentinels: Gyldygga. With the help of the Luminary, Erik frees his sister of Mordegon's corruption and finds the atonement he was looking for. Erik wants to stay with the Hero to defeat Mordegon.

When the party finds the orichalcum in the floating Battleground, Erik rushes past the group and gets carried away thinking about the value of the gem. he excuses himself for the outburst, stating it was a force of a bad habit.

Base stats & pep bonus[edit]

Attribute Starting Stats Maximum Stats Skills
Level 5 99 -
HP 42 620 -
MP 19 360 -
Strength 19 330 -
Agility 24 475 +40
Resilience 11 190 -
Magical Might 17 300 -
Magical Mending 0 0 -
Deftness 22 430 +40
Charm 19 250 -
Initial gear Erik's dagger, Birchwood boomerang, Soldier's sword, Wayfarer's clothes
Pep boost Strength +20% (40%), Deftness +100% (150%)
Evasion +100% (150%)
Parenthesis includes bonus from pep-up power-up
  • Erik is the only party member to not have any innate resistances or weaknesses.


Name Level MP Target Description
Rubblerouser 10 6 One enemy Summons an earth sigil that will inflict damage on the enemy every time they try to act.
Evac 12 0 All allies Allows the caster to return instantly to the start of a dungeon, cave or tower.
Cock-a-doodle-doo 15 2 All allies Cures all party members of the effects of sleep.
Peep 22 1 N/A Cast this on a treasure chest to reveal its contents (yellow - gold, blue - item, red - monster).
Boulderbringer 23 12 One enemy Summons an earth sigil that will inflict a lot of damage on the enemy every time they try to act.
Mountainmover 42 20 Enemy group Summons an earth sigil that will inflict a lot of damage on a group of enemies every time they try to act.
Ridgeraiser 61 36 Enemy group Summons an earth sigil that inflicts devastating damage on a group of enemies every time they try to act.
  • In XI S: Definitive Edition, Erik also learns Nose For Treasure, which he already knows upon joining the party.

Character builder[edit]

Name Skill points MP Range Pep Oomph Info
Flame Slash 3 2 One enemy Yes Yes 120% (plus 5) fire damage
Attack Power When Wielding +10 4 -- -- -- -- N/A
Critical Hit Chance When Wielding +2% 6 -- -- -- -- N/A
Sword Stance 7 2 -- No No Increases parrying chance by 33% for four turns
Attack Power When Wielding +20 10 -- -- -- -- N/A
Dragon Slash 10 2 One enemy Yes Yes 200% (plus 10) damage to dragon-family enemies
Metal Slash 12 2 One enemy Yes Yes 1~2 damage to metal slimes, cannot miss
Attack Power When Wielding +25 14 -- -- -- -- N/A
Attack Power When Wielding +35 16 -- -- -- -- N/A
Miracle Slash 12 4 One enemy Yes Yes Restores 1/4th of damage dealt (plus 20)
Fatal Flash 20 8 One enemy Yes Yes 40% chance to instantly kill one enemy, 250% damage if attempt fails
Dually Deadly 25 -- -- -- -- Removes damage reduction found in dual-wielding
Name Skill points MP Range Pep Oomph Info
Attack Power When Wielding +5 3 -- -- -- -- N/A
Critical Hit Chance When Wielding +2% 4 -- -- -- -- N/A
Sleeper Hit 6 3 One enemy Yes Yes 120% damage with a 50% chance to snooze the target for 1~4 turns
Cobra Strike 7 3 One enemy Yes Yes 120% damage with a 50% chance to poison the target for 4~7 turns
Persecutter 9 5 One enemy Yes Yes 620% damage if target is asleep or confused, 110% damage otherwise
Victimiser 13 5 One enemy Yes Yes 620% damage if target is poisoned or paralyzed, 110% damage otherwise
Critical Hit Chance When Wielding +4% 14 -- -- -- -- N/A
Dodge Chance +3% 14 -- -- -- -- N/A
Attack Power When Wielding +30 16 -- -- -- -- NA
Dual-Wielding 16 -- -- -- -- N/A
HP Hoover 16 4 One enemy Yes Yes Restores 1/4th of damage dealt
Assassin's Stab 16 5 One enemy No No 20% chance to instantly kill target
Nastier Knives 20 -- -- -- -- Increases status ailment chance for knife skills by 25%
Name Skill points MP Range Pep Oomph Info
Ooze Bruiser 3 2 All enemies Yes Yes Deals 150% (plus 5) damage to Slimes
Accuracy When Wielding +5% 4 -- -- -- -- N/A
Attack Power When Wielding +5 6 -- -- -- -- N/A
Metalicker 7 3 All enemies Yes Yes 1~2 damage to metal slimes, cannot miss
Accuracy When Wielding +5% 9 -- -- -- -- N/A
Power Throw 13 4 All enemies Yes Yes 120% damage, no reduction
Attack Power When Wielding +10 14 -- -- -- -- N/A
Accuracy When Wielding +10% 16 -- -- -- -- N/A
Twomerang 16 8 All enemies Yes Yes 120% damage twice, 240% total
Starburst Throw 18 10 All enemies No No Up to 125~135 light damage
Double Down 20 24 All enemies Yes Yes 180% damage twice, 360% total. 50% chance to reduce target's resistances to ailments and debuffs by one stage
Pep-Up Power Up 25 -- -- -- -- N/A
Name Skill points MP Range Pep Oomph Info
Agility +10 8 -- -- -- -- N/A
Deftness +10 8 -- -- -- -- N/A
Dodge Chance +2% 8 -- -- -- -- N/A
Half-Inch 8 -- One enemy Yes No Chance to steal from a monster, success rises with deftness for 75% cap; cannot steal rare drops
Agility +30 10 -- -- -- -- N/A
Deftness +30 10 -- -- -- -- N/A
Dodgy Character 12 4 -- Yes No Doubles evasion for two turns
Divide 14 6 -- Yes Yes Erik's clones copy his actions for one turn
Sticky Fingers 14 -- -- -- -- Raises base steal rate by 15%
Dodge Chance +5% 16 -- -- -- -- N/A
Pep Chance +5% 16 -- -- -- -- N/A
Falcon Slash 18 4 One enemy Yes Yes Strike twice at full power, each hit can critical
Critical Claim 20 64 One enemy No No Guarantees a critical hit, cannot miss


Dragon Quest XI (S: Deffinitive Edition) 
Weapon Modifier(s)
Bloodletter Attack +1
Poison needle Attack +1
Cypress stick Attack +7
Birchwood boomerang Attack +8
Soldier's sword Attack +9
Bronze knife Attack +12
Copper sword Attack +13
Divine dagger Attack +14
Boomerang Attack +15
Bronze sword Attack +16
Crucerang Attack +19
Iron broadsword Attack +20
Poison moth knife Attack +24
Rapier Attack +24
Edged boomerang Attack +25
Batterfly knife Attack +29
Bandit blade Attack +30
Soarin' steel Attack +32
Silver rapier Attack +32
Steel broadsword Attack +35
Assassin's dagger Attack +37
Eagle dagger Attack +39
Winter's wing Attack +40
Cautery sword Attack +42
Magic circle Attack +42
Falcon blade Attack +45
Falcon knife earrings Attack +45
Sword breaker Attack +48
Star cross Attack +53
Zombiesbane Attack +54
Metal goomerang Attack +55
Platinum sword Attack +60
Bastard sword Attack +61
Heliodorian sword Attack +61
Pentarang Attack +61
Icicle dirk Attack +62
Flametang boomerang Attack +63
Nobleman's knife Attack +64
Zombie slayer Attack +65
Serpentscale skean Attack +66
Dread dagger Attack +67
Aurora blade Attack +70
Soul breaker Attack +71
Dragonsbane Attack +72
Imp knife Attack +74
Liquid metal goomerang Attack +74
Meteorang Attack +77
Banefire boomerang Attack +80
Fenrir fang Attack +80
Fizzle foil Attack +80
Miracle sword Attack +80
Dark star Attack +82
Gladius Attack +82
Metal slime sword Attack +84
Deft dagger Attack +86
Fire blade Attack +87
Asterang Attack +89
Liquid metal sword Attack +93
Über falcon blade Attack +94
Dragon slayer Attack +96
Stardust sword Attack +96
Flame tang Attack +100
Gryphon's wing Attack +100
Stellarang Attack +105
Hunter's moon Attack +110
Darting dagger Attack +111
Inferno blade Attack +111
Thunderstorm sword Attack +111
Metal king goomerang Attack +114
Thunderstorm skean Attack +119
High-born blade Attack +121
Nebula sword Attack +123
Galaxarang Attack +131
Dashing dagger Attack +132
Über miracle sword Attack +135
Thousand-fold katana Attack +136
Knife of strife Attack +142
Timeshear Attack +142
Supernova sword Attack +147
Sword of judgement Attack +150
Hell sabre Attack +155
Shamshir of light Attack +158
Metal king sword Attack +161
Dynamo dagger Attack +164
Hypernova sword Attack +182

Dragon Quest XI (S: Definitive Edition) 
Helmet Modifier(s)
Bandana Defense +1
Leather hat Defense +3
Pointy hat Defense +5
Feathered cap Defense +8
Turban Defense +12
Stone hardhat Defense +15
Fur hood Defense +18
Bronze helmet Defense +18
Malleable mask Defense +19
Hermes' hat Defense +20
Swindler's scarf Defense +22
Thief's turban Defense +22
Mercury's bandana Defense +23
Disturbin' turban Defense +30
Pirate's hat Defense +30
Happy hat Defense +31
Iron headgear Defense +32
Papillon mask Defense +33
Corsair's cap Defense +36
Freebooter's bandana Defense +36
Metal slime helm Defense +39
Dragon bandana Defense +41
Swindler king's scarf Defense +41
Raging bull helm Defense +42
Liquid metal helm Defense +49
Skull helm Defense +49
Autumn shower hat Defense +51
Spring breeze hat Defense +51
Summer cloud hat Defense +51
Phantom mask Defense +51
Winter sky hat Defense +51
Pirate king's cap Defense +59
Metal king helm Defense +63

Dragon Quest XI (S: Definitive Edition) 
Armor Modifier(s)
Plain clothes Defense +4
Arriviste's vest Defense +5
Elevating vest Defense +5
Vest for success Defense +5
Wayfarer's clothes Defense +7
Boxer shorts Defense +10
Leather armour Defense +11
Wolf wear Defense +12
Templar's uniform Defense +13
Chain mail Defense +20
Leather cape Defense +22
Iron cuirass Defense +25
Fur poncho Defense +29
Swindler's stole Defense +34
Gallopitan garb Defense +35
Tortoise shell Defense +37
Hairy vest Defense +38
Glombolero Defense +40
Smart suit Defense +40
Silver cuirass Defense +42
Prince's pea coat Defense +44
Agility gilet Defense +45
Posh waistcoat Defense +48
King's coat Defense +53
Velvet cape Defense +60
Emperor's attire Defense +61
Rogue's robes Defense +61
Brigandine Defense +66
Twinkling tuxedo Defense +67
Liquid metal jacket Defense +70
Dancer's mail Defense +72
Freebooter's bolero Defense +72
Corsair's coat Defense +78
Metal slime armour Defense +79
Bandit mail Defense +80
Dark robe Defense +80
Assassin's attire Defense +81
Swindler king's stole Defense +81
Dragonskin jacket Defense +84
Mirror armour Defense +98
Sacred armour Defense +100
Metal king jacket Defense +101
Pirate king's coat Defense +108
Exotoga Defense +120
Legendary armour Defense +120

Dragon Quest XI (S: Definitive Edition) 
Accessories Modifier(s)
Aerofoil earrings Defense +5
Charm +10
Agility ring Defense +5
Agility +17
All-weather earrings Defense +5
Charm +16
Angel's sandals Agility +25
Anti-freeze earrings Defense +5
Charm +10
Archangel's boots Defense +25
Asbestos earrings Defense +5
Charm +10
Assasin Critical +1%
Defense +2
Charm +5
Blackout earrings Defense +5
Charm +16
Bling-bling belt Defense +2
Charm +11
Bow tie Defense +2
Charm +10
Brainy bracer M. Might +20
M. Mend +20
Brigand's mitts Defense +6
Deftness +32
Bunny tail Defense +7
Caligae of clarity M. Mend +20
Care ring Defense +5
Carer rivière Defense +3
Catholicon ring Defense +5
Choker of riddance Defense +3
Cinderblock earrings Defense +5
Charm +16
Concrete earrings Defense +5
Charm +10
Devil's tail Defense +2
Agility +10
Dogged collar Defense +4
Attack +8
Dragon scale Defense +8
Attack +9
Earthwyrm's eye Defense +7
HP +16
Charm +35
Elfin charm Defense +10
Freebooter's gloves Defense +48
Full moon collar Defense +3
Full moon ring Defense +5
Gloomy gloves Deftness +22
Gold bracer Defense +4
Charm +6
Gold chain Defense +1
HP +5
Charm +5
Gold ring Defense +5
Charm +8
Gold rosary M. Might +5
M. Mend +5
Guru's gloves M. Might +17
M. Mend +17
Deftness +40
Healer Defense +2
Charm +5
Holy talisman Defense +5
Life bracer Defense +3
HP +30
Life ring Defense +5
HP +5
Lucky dragon's wing Defense +7
Meteorite bracer Defense +100
Mighty armlet Attack +15
Minister's mitts M. Mend +20
Deftness +48
Mirror earrings Defense +5
Charm +10
Monarch mark Defense +10
M. Might +30
M. Mend +30
Murky mittens Deftness +32
Mystic Defense +2
Charm +5
Necklace of immunity Defense +3
Papillon pendant Defense +3
HP +10
MP +10
Pink pearl ring Defense +5
MP +10
Charm +10
Pirate king's pendant Defense +10
Charm +35
Prayer ring Defense +5
Charm +10
Protective pendant Defense +3
Ring of clarity Defense +5
Ring of immunity Defense +5
Ring of riddance Defense +5
Ring of truth Defense +5
Rosary M. Mend +6
MP +8
Rousing ring Defense +5
Rousing rose collar Defense +3
Rubber earrings Defense +5
Charm +10
Rubber gloves Defense +3
Deftness +12
Ruby of protection Defense +16
Safety goggles Defense +3
Scholar's specs M. Might +15
M. Mend +15
Charm +15
Shield-bearer Block +1%
Parry +1%
Charm +5
Defense +10
Skull ring Defense +5
Slime earrings Defense +2
Charm +6
Sorcerer's ring Defense +5
MP +10
Sorcerer's stone M. Mend +13
M. Might +14
Sovereign seal Defense +7
Charm +35
Springheel boots Defense +25
Spirit bracer Defense +7
MP +30
Star of clarity Defense +3
Strength ring Attack +5
Supplicant Defense +2
Charm +5
Titan belt Defense +5
Attack +12
Tough guy tattoo Attack +8
Torc of truth Defense +3
Traveller's hood Defense +4
Trickster Evasion+1%
Defense +2
Charm +5
Utility belt Defense +2
Deftness +15
Vanguard Defense +2
Charm +5
Agility +10
Venus' tear Defense +7
Charm +35
Warlock Defense +2
M. Might +3
M. Mend +3
Charm +5
Wings of serendipity Defense +5
Charm +20
Wristorative Defense +7

Shypox dialogue[edit]

In battle:

Warning: Spoilers!
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  • Erik realises his normally super spiky hair has gone a bit limp…
  • Erik recalls that time he failed to woo a bunny girl at the bar…
  • Erik remembers the time he got his hands on a ‘precious jewel’ only to realise it was made of glass…
  • Erik notices that his socks are on inside out…
  • Erik remembers the dance lessons he took in secret to try and be more popular with the ladies…
  • Erik suddenly remembers the time he got lost in a cave and had to wait for Derk to find him…
  • Erik is suddenly struck by the feeling he’s being stared at. Does someone fancy him…?
  • Erik is suddenly struck by the distinct feeling that he’s no match for this particular enemy…
  • Erik remembers the time someone told him his victory pose was lame…
  • Erik remembers his old nickname: ‘the Half-Inching Hedgehog’…
  • Erik recalls an emotional picture book he once read and tears up a bit…
  • Erik recalls yelping when he went to wash his face and the water was freezing cold…
  • Erik realises that he’s a fussier eater than the Luminary despite being older than him…
  • Erik suddenly can’t shake the feeling he’s got a bit of spinach stuck in his teeth…
  • Erik suddenly feels shy for no reason whatsoever…
  • Some dust finds its way into Erik’s eye and he’s suddenly worried it looks like he’s crying…
  • Erik takes another look at the outfit he’s wearing…
  • Out of nowhere, Erik’s face suddenly turns bright red!
  • Erik thinks over some of the ‘cool’ spell names he came up with as a kid…
  • Erik feels the enemy staring into his very soul…
  • Erik comes over all ticklish and starts giggling…
  • Erik thinks about a soppy poem he wrote when he was younger…
  • Erik notices that he’s got some food stuck in his teeth!
  • Erik’s eyes meet the enemy’s, and he’s suddenly strangely flustered…
  • Erik remembers the time his mum got mad when he wet the bed…
  • Erik suddenly becomes convinced he might have wet himself…
  • Erik catches himself thinking he might be kind of handsome…
  • Erik realises his normally super spiky hair has gone a bit limp…
  • Erik realises he hasn’t washed his clothes for days…
  • Erik suddenly worries that he sticks out like a sore thumb…
  • Erik takes one look at the enemy and starts quaking in his boots…
  • Erik starts thinking about his next meal, and accidentally dribbles down his front…
  • Erik wonders what the enemy thinks of his outfit…
  • Erik’s heart starts going pitter-patter, and his face turns beetroot red…
  • Erik wonders if the enemy might leave him alone if he played dead for a bit…
  • Erik takes another look at the outfit he’s wearing…
  • Out of nowhere, Erik’s face suddenly turns bright red!
  • Erik remembers the cheesy spell name he came up with the other day…
  • Erik feels the enemy staring into his very soul…
  • Erik comes over all ticklish and starts giggling…
  • Erik tries to remember everyone’s names, but then forgets his own…
  • Erik realises that his flies are undone!
  • Erik feels something crawling along his skin and cowers in fear, only to realize it was a stray hair…
  • Erik suddenly becomes convinced he might have wet himself…
  • Suddenly, all Erik can think of is puff-puffs!
  • Erik catches himself thinking he might be kind of handsome…
  • The elastic in Erik’s pants suddenly snaps with a twang!
  • Erik suddenly remembers the time when he slipped up on some horse poo…
  • A particularly racy Ogler’s Digest cover suddenly pops into Erik’s head, and he giggles sheepishly…

When speaking to townsfolk:

Warning: Spoilers!
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  • Erik opens his mouth to try and speak to the person in front of him…
  • But he suddenly remembers how, back when he was a thief, he named his dagger Björn, and enjoyed talking to it from time to time
  • But he suddenly remembers how he used to dream of becoming a gentleman thief, and practised writing elaborate ransom notes every day.
  • But he’s struck by a bout of stomach cramps due to drinking far too much milk in an attempt to grow slightly taller.
  • But he suddenly swears he hears them say he’s ‘dreamy’.
  • But he suddenly catches a whiff coming from his armpits.
  • But he’s suddenly struck by a fear that his hairstyle looks like a bad case of bedhead.
  • But he gets distracted by a piece of rubbish that looks like a gold coin, and loses his train of thought.
  • But he gets distracted by a piece of rubbish that looks like a gold coin, and loses his train of thought.
  • But he suddenly remembers talking to Derk so intently about stealing something that he failed to realise he’d stepped in a pile of horse manure.

Dragon Quest Rivals[edit]

Erik appears as an avatar character and is also featured in the art of several cards. With the release of the 9th card pack, Erik became a leader character and is the first representative of the Thief vocation.

Dragon Quest Tact[edit]

Erik appears as an S-rank member of the Hero family as part of the limited Dragon Quest XI event on his own banner alongside Stump champ. He can participate in Krystalinda's Battle Road as a party member.

Erik (カミュ Kamyu)Tactlogo.png

DQT Erik.png
Family Rank Role
Tact Icon Hero.png
DQTact Rank Icon S.png DQTact AttackType.png
Max Level HP MP Move
130 1,065 407 2
Attack Defense Agility Wisdom Weight
565 338 505 227 60
Basic Skills
First Second Third
Dodgy Character Edge of Death* Chillblaze*
Coup de Grâce: Criminal Genius*
Awakening Skills
First Second Third
Padfoot / Stats Up Frizz Res +25 / Stats Up Chillblaze Potency +5%
Criminal Genius MP Cost -10% / Death Follow-Up: When an ally (incl. self) paralyses, poisons or envenomates an enemy with an ability: Follows up with Edge of Death if within follow-up range.
Stats Up
Fourth Fifth
Sizz Res +25 / Stats Up Chillblaze Potency +5%
Criminal Genius MP Cost -10% / Poison Success Rate +10%
Paralysis Success Rate +10%
Stats Up
Leader Perks
Raises Crack-type physical potency of allies, including himself, by 20% in a 5x5 square around him.
Basic Perks
First Second Third
WIS +15
Max MP +15
Physical Critical Hit Rate +10%: Raises physical critical hit rate by 10%. Chillblaze Potency +2%
Criminal Genius Potency MP Cost -5%
Perk Details
Padfoot: Battle start: Greatly raises Move and evasion rate for 3 turns.
Frizz Resistance * Sizz Resistance * Crack Resistance * Woosh Resistance *
Half Res Half Res Normal Very Weak
Bang Resistance * Zap Resistance * Zam Resistance * Snooze Resistance
Normal Very Weak Normal Normal
Poison Resistance Physical Lock Resistance Spell Lock Resistance Martial Lock Resistance
Half Res Normal Normal Super Weak
Breath Lock Resistance Hobble Resistance * Stun Resistance * Dazzle Resistance
Normal Half Res Immune Super Weak
Curse Resistance Paralysis Resistance Confusion Resistance Charm Resistance
Normal Normal Normal Normal

Dragon Quest Treasures[edit]

Alongside Mia, Erik is the deuterologist of Dragon Quest Treasures. The game begins with the two sneaking around a viking vessel for a bit of fun before rescuing two unusual creatures from a cage on the main mast of the viking ship they voyaged on. The siblings are flee from the ship on a smaller boat with their new friends in tow, and after exploring an uncharted island and retrieving a pair of incredible dirks are sucked through a teleportal to the floating archipelago of Draconia suspended high in the sky.

The children are pulled into the different world separately and are deposited far apart, with Mia and Porcus having to rescue Erik and Purrsula from a Heartless hunter at the top floor of the abandoned factory in The Paternoggin. Reunited, the pair of daggers the children possess react with an abandoned train at the zenith of the building and the two depart for Eggshell Island. From there, the quartet embark on a colossal treasure hunt spanning the entire island chain, competing with rival factions such as the villainous Thunderous Plunderers and the friendlier Sylphanian Expedition. Erik is partnered with Purrsula, who perches on his shoulder when at rest.


  • Erik's height is 165 cm or 5' 5" and he weighs 55 kilograms (121 lbs).
  • Erik is the second major Dragon Quest character to be depicted as left-handed after Angelo of Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King. Single weapons are always held in his left, while his dual-wielding skill makes it clear that his left hand is dominant. In addition many cutscenes showing him favoring his left hand to use or hold everyday items.
    • Erik is also the second ex-thief to join as the first party member of a game, following Yangus.
  • Erik's hairstyle is very similar to that of the sixth Hero, and this is brought up when the party visits Weaver's Peak in the Echo Chamber.
  • Erik has the most amount of costumes available among the male party members, due to the option of having his hair exposed or covered.
  • From October 19th to December 13th, 2019, Erik's wild stew[2] was available as a special item on the menu at the real-life Luida's Bar in Tokyo in order to commemorate the release of Dragon Quest XI S. It is similar to pot-au-feu and has slowly simmered beef, potatoes, and onions.
  • When Erik is afflicted by Sultry Dance in battle, he performs a lively dance, which includes a moonwalk or backslide.
  • Each of the Luminary's companions represents one of the classes in Dragon Quest III. Erik represents the Thief.