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The Glombolero (formerly mysterious bolero) is a recurring robe in the Dragon Quest series. It has chance to absorb half the MP from incoming spells in nearly every appearance, similar to Absorb Magic, with the exact drain rate varying between games.


Dragon Quest III[edit]

The glombolero is found in the bonus dungeons of the remakes, nearby the lair of the Super Boss. It may be equipped by all vocations, providing +30 defence and reducing the cost of spells by 50%, rounded up. This feature stacks with the effects of the Mad Cap for a 75% reduction.

Dragon Quest IV[edit]

The glombolero has a defence bonus of +47 (+37 in the NES Version) and absorbs magic 1/6th of the time. It is found in the Stairway to Zenithia and can be worn by Borya, Kiryl, Maya, and Meena.

Humorously, the bolero will absorb MP even when the wearer is deceased, causing a surreal scene when Zing fails to revive the recipient.

Dragon Quest V[edit]

The glombolero has a defence bonus of +37. Bianca, Nera, and the Hero's Daughter can equip it. The absorption rate is still just 1/6th, and spells cast by party members are no longer affected.

Dragon Quest VI[edit]

The Hero, Milly, Ashlynn, Nevan, and the slime buddies can equip the Glombolero for +40 defence and -50 style. It is the reward for giving King Medford 80 mini medals.

The absorption rate has jumped up to 50%, but at the cost of only being able to siphon a quarter of a spell's MP. In the DS and Mobile remakes, this has changed so that half of a spell's MP is drained.

Dragon Quest VII[edit]

Everyone but Prince Kiefer can equip the glombolero, and it features the same parameters as before. It is received from turning in 95 mini medals to the Medal King.

  • The Glitzy glombolero, introduced in the 3DS remake, has a 50% chance to absorb 100% of the MP from an enemy spell. It increases defence by +50 and style by +3.

Dragon Quest IX[edit]

DQIX glombolero.png  Glombolero  (DS)
Defence +20
Magical Might +16
Found 1% chance in Rank 4 chests
Rarity ★★☆☆☆
Equipment Class Robe
Equipable by All Vocations
Buy Price N/a
Sell Price 3,300
Flavor text Curious clothing that absorbs the power of magic cast on it.
Notes Absorbs MP from spells cast on the wearer.
Received as a reward from completing Quest #42.