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DQV Monty.png
Japanese name モンスターじいさん
Romaji Monster grandpa
Title Monster Monitor
Race Human
Age 60's

Monty is the monster caretaker in Dragon Quest V and Dragon Quest VII. He manages various monster facilities, where he watches over any tamed monsters sent his way by the party.


Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride[edit]

Monty is first encountered during the second generation of the game in Fortuna, where he states that the Hero has profoundly sincere eyes and is confident that he will be able to tame monsters. After explaining that the Hero needs to fight with love in his heart to get a monster's attention, he suggests purchasing a wagon from Fortuna's curiosity shop to accommodate the new recruits. Monty maintains additional dens in Lodestar Harbour, Castle Gotha, and even as far as Precaria. Up to 50 monsters can be left in his care in the SNES version, and 80 in subsequent releases. While staying with him, a monster can be released or renamed but they will not gain any experience points.

  • The Hero is unable to tame monsters until speaking with Monty in the remade versions of V.

Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past[edit]

Monty is the distant descendant of Buddy, the beast-befriending eccentric of Nottagen's past. Inspired by his ancestor, he plans to open up a park where monsters can live in peace--unfortunately, Monty doesn't actually know how to build the park. Fortunately, the party can find enclosure plans to add new areas to Monty's pet project. As Nottagen has no standing mayor or officials, Monty appears as the town representative at the summit meeting in the Cathedral of Light.



  • Molly from Builders 2 is a female counterpart of Monty, with both of them being eldery npcs that teach the player how to tame monsters.