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The Overture is a recurring theme by Kōichi Sugiyama in the Dragon Quest series. It is often played in the opening titles of each game and is known by many as the Dragon Quest March. Today, it is as recognizable as the Prologue from the Final Fantasy games.

List of Appearances[edit]

Artwork portraying the Hero, the Princess of Moonbrooke, and the Prince of Cannock marching along; a representation of the Overture.

The Overture has appeared in the following games:


  • Part of the Overture can be heard during "The Time of Decisive Battle," the final battle theme from Dragon Quest IX.
  • The Overture can also be found in the PC98 title the 4.6 Billion Year Story: Theory of Evolution. This is due in part by Sugiyama composing the music for that game as well. The location of the song's appearance is during a battle against a blue dinosaur named "Sugiyaman," named after Sugiyama himself.
  • Koichi Sugiyama himself claims that he composed the Overture in around five minutes.


The original version of the Overture as seen in the NES version of Dragon Quest,.
The Overture as it appears in the NES version of Dragon Quest IV. (Note the different introduction.)
The Overture as heard in the opening of Dragon Quest IX. (Note how the introduction was changed once more.)
The Overture as heard in the Dragon Quest I Symphonic Suite. This version is the most complete including passages often omitted from game versions.