Dragon Quest VIII Original Soundtrack

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Dragon Quest VIII Original Soundtrack
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CD info 2 CD - 22 Tracks
Producer Kōichi Sugiyama

Dragon Quest VIII Original Soundtrack is the complete soundtrack for Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King written by Kōichi Sugiyama.

Track List[edit]

Disc One (40:52)[edit]

1. "Overture"
2. "Traveling with Wagon"
3. "Peaceful Town ~ Quiet Village"
4. "Strange World ~ Marching through the Fields"
5. "Chatting"
6. "Cold and Gloomy ~ In the Dungeon's Depths"
7. "Healing Power of the Psalms - Friar's Determination"
8. "Over the Sorrow - Hurry! We are in Danger"
9. "Mysterious Tower"
10. "Reminiscence ~ Go Topo Go!!"
11. "War Cry - Defeat the Enemy"

Disc Two (41:56)[edit]

1. "...Remembrances..."
2. "Majestic Castle ~ Gavotte de Château ~ Majestic Castle"
3. "Poet's World"
4. "Memories of an Ancient Queen"
5. "Stalked by Fear"
6. "Ruins of Darkness"
7. "Sanctuary"
8. "Heavenly Flight"
9. "Nearing Our Destiny"
10. "Dormaguez ~ Great Battle in the Vast Sky"
11. "Sky, Ocean and Earth"
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