Arcadia Region

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The Arcadia Region is an area of land in Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King.

It is accessible north of the Kingdom of Argonia and has a cavern leading to Blizzard Peaks.


The Hero and party happen upon the area early on, but are turned away as the guards are suspicious of Trode.

They are able to proceed further after the guards are attacked by an unlikely threat.



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Rydon's Tower[edit]

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Chapel of Autumn[edit]

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Short Border Tunnel[edit]

The Short Boarder Tunnel[1] is north of Arcadia. The temperature is at an extreme low and leads to Blizzard Peaks. If the player attempts to cross through here before finding Jessica, King Trode states that they should turn back.


Item Location
Titan belt On hill north of Arcadia, requires Magic Key to open.
Elfin elixir West of Rydon's Tower.
Silver tiara Hill northwest of Rydon's Tower, requires Magic Key to open.
Assassin's dagger Path from Chapel of Autumn to the entry of Blizzard Peaks.
Fresh milk Cow outside of Chapel of Autumn.

Infamous monsters[edit]


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(Additional monsters after the fall of the Black Citadel)



  1. Name given when resuming an autosave of the Cell phone.