List of helmets in Dragon Quest VIII

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The following is a list of helmets in Dragon Quest VIII.

 Drop Reliance - (R):Rare (N):Normal     Currency - T:Casino Tokens  tM:Tiny Medal  G:Gold
Image Name Defence Equip Buy / Sell Recipies Area Drop Notes
DQVIII Bandana.png Bandana 1 Hero 45G / 23G NONE Peregrin Quay Blood mummy(N), Bodkin archer(N), Jailcat(N), Killer croaker(R), Mummy boy(N), Skullrider(R) The Hero starts with this equipped.
DQVIIIBronzeHelmet.png Bronze helmet 20 Hero, Angelo Crafted / 825G Bronze knife + Bronze knife + Stone hardhat Alchemy Pot NONE
DQVIIIBunnyEars.png Bunny ears 14 Jessica Crafted / 450G Bunny tail + Hairband Alchemy Pot NONE Changes Jessica's appearance if the Bunny suit and Fishnet stockings are also equipped.
DQVIIICoralHairpin.png Coral hairpin 20 Jessica 950G / 475G NONE Baccarat King kelp(R), Siren(N), Wailin' weed(R)
Nopic.png Dragovian helm 50 Hero Reward / N/A NONE Dragovian Sanctuary NONE Changes the hero's appearance when also wearing the Dragovian armour. One of the rewards available for defeating the Lord of the Dragovians; Lowers the probability of being afflicted with sleep, confusion, and instant death status to 1/16.
DQVIIIFeatheredCap.png Feathered cap 9 Hero, Yangus, Angelo, Jessica Crafted / 200G Chimaera wing + Leather hat Maella Abbey area, Argonia Night fox(R) Treasure chest on the field of the Maella Abbey area. In a barrel in Argonia
DQVIIIFurHood.png Fur hood 18 Hero, Yangus 1400G / 700G Feathered cap + Fur poncho West Trodain Church NONE
DQVIIIGoldenTiara.png Golden tiara 43 Jessica Crafted / 26000G Gold nugget + Silver tiara + Thinking cap Alchemy Pot NONE Lowers probability of being afflicted with snooze, whack, and fuddle status ailments to 1/8
DQVIIIGreatHelm.png Great helm 45 Hero, Yangus 16000G / 8000G NONE Tryan Gully NONE
DQVIIIHadesHelm.png Hades' helm 33 Hero, Yangus Found / 4250G Devil's tail + Mythril helm Pirate's Cove Hell gladiator(N), Servant of Darkness(N) Cursed. This helm prevents the user from doing anything on the first round of every new battle. Treasure chest in Pirate's Cove.
Hairband.png Hairband 5 Jessica 150G / 75G NONE Peregrin Quay Bag o'laughs(R), Chimaera(R), Darkodile(N), Dingaling(N), Garuda(N), Heligator(N) Jessica starts with this equipped
DQVIIIHappyHat.png Happy hat 31 Angelo, Jessica Reward / 10000G Elevating shoes + Feathered cap Alchemy Pot, Pickham NONE Recover MP while strolling on the field. Give Dodgy Dave in Pickham a Sandstorm Spear.
DQVIIIHermesHat.png Hermes' hat 20 Hero, Yangus, Angelo, Jessica Reward / 1400G NONE Alchemy Pot NONE Tool use: Casts Zoom when used as a tool outside of battle.
DQVIIIIronHeadgear.png Iron headgear 32 Hero, Yangus 5500G / 2750G NONE Orkutsk Dark devildog(N)
DQVIIIIronHelmet.png Iron helmet 16 Hero, Angelo 1100G / 550G NONE Pickham Battle beetle(R), Claws(N), Iron rhino(R), Jab(R), Octavian sentry(N)
DQVIIIIronMask.png Iron mask 25 Hero, Yangus 3500G / 1750G NONE Argonia Bazaar Shadow(R)
DQVIII Leather Hat.png Leather hat 3 Hero, Yangus, Angelo, Jessica 65G / 33G NONE Farebury Beetleboy(R), Bunicorn(N), Dark sabrecat(N), High roller(N) Yangus starts with this equipped.
DQVIIIMagicalHat.png Magical hat 25 Jessica 2700G / 2000G NONE Arcadia, Argonia Bazaar Dark slime(R), Grim rider(R), Mucho macho(R)
Mercurys Bandana.png Mercury's bandana 23 Hero Crafted / 2000G Agility ring + Bandana Alchemy Pot Seasaur(R) Agility +15
Metal King Helm.png Metal king helm 55 Hero, Yangus, Angelo, Jessica 90tM / 10000G NONE Princess Minnie's Castle NONE Lowers probability of getting hit with Fizzle, Fuddle, Snooze and Whack to 1/4. Give 90 tiny medals to Princess Minnie.
DQVIIIMythrilHelm.png Mythril helm 38 Hero, Angelo 13300G / 8800G Hades' helm + Saint's ashes Dark Empycchu, Empycchu NONE
Phantom Mask.png Phantom mask 48 Angelo Crafted / 29000G Dark robe + Iron headgear Alchemy Pot NONE Increases evasion rate by 12%.
DQVIIIPiratesHat.png Pirate's hat 30 Hero Found / 1400G NONE Pirate's Cove Captain Crow(N){boss}, Heavy hood(R)
DQVIIIPlatinumHeadgear.png Platinum headgear 30 Hero, Angelo 5000T / 2050G NONE Pickham Casino NONE
DQVIIIPointyHat.png Pointy hat 7 Yangus 70G / 35G Iron nail + Leather hat Peregrin Quay Squid kid(N)
Raging Bull Helm.png Raging bull helm 42 Hero, Yangus Crafted / 16500G Cowpat + Fresh milk + Mythril helm Alchemy Pot NONE
DQVIIIScholarsCap.png Scholar's cap 33 Angelo, Jessica Crafted / 5750G Magical hat + Scholar's specs Alchemy Pot NONE Wisdom +10
DQVIIISilverTiara.png Silver tiara 24 Jessica 1450G / 725G Coral hairpin + Silver platter Argonia NONE
Skull Helm.png Skull helm 49 Yangus Found / 4500G Devil's tail + Sun crown Isolated Plateau, Heavenly Dais NONE Cursed. When equipped your attack power is lowered to 0. This helmet is best used in conjunction with Yangus' Stainless Steal Scythe ability to eliminate the risk of defeating the enemy you're trying to rob.
DQVIIISlimeCrown.png Slime crown 20 Yangus Found / 6000 NONE Hilltop Hut, Tryan Gully King slime(R), Metal king slime(N) In a well. In a barrel
DQVIIIStoneHardhat.png Stone hardhat 15 Yangus Found / 435G Pointy hat + Stone axe Mole Hole Bomboulder(N), Cockateer(N), Living statue(N), Mad mole(R) In a treasure chest
DQVIIISunCrown.png Sun crown 52 Hero, Jessica Crafted / 37000G Saint's ashes + Skull helm Alchemy Pot NONE Resistance to Fuddle and Snooze is greatly increased, possibly to 100%
DQVIIIThinkingCap.png Thinking cap 38 Angelo, Jessica 13000G /6500G Iron headgear + Scholar's cap Tryan Gully Head of state(R) Wisdom +15
DQVIIITurban.png Turban 8 Hero, Yangus 410G /205G Bandana + Bandana Ascantha, Simpleton Mummy(N), Mummy boy(R), Terror tabby(R)