Dark robe

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Dark robe
DQVIII Dark Robe.png
Japanese やみのころも
ダークローブ (DQV only)
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Old localizations Dark Clothes (DQVII PS1)
Found in Dragon Quest III (remakes only)
Dragon Quest VII
Dragon Quest VIII
Dragon Quest IX
Dragon Quest XI
Effect Increases evasion in all games except V. In V, it reduces Frizz, Sizz, Woosh, and Crack damage by 20 points.

The dark robe (やみのころも yami no koromo) is a recurring piece of clothing in the Dragon Quest franchise. It's a special cowl with a midnight blue dye, and is typically worn by thieves and allows them to blend in with the shadows, increasing evasion.

Note that the item called by this name in Dragon Quest V is an entirely separate item in Japanese, called the ダークローブ dāku rōbu ("Dark Robe"), which does not increase evasion, but instead reduces Frizz, Sizz, Woosh, and Crack damage by 20 points.


Dragon Quest III[edit]

The dark robe has a defence bonus of +74 and increases evasion by 25%. It only appears in the remakes and can be equipped by Martial Artists, Gadabouts, and Thieves. One may be found in Cantlin and another in the fourth Treasures n' Trapdoors track in Kol. The dark robe can be sold for 12,375 gold, but it is not recommended to do so as there is a limited amount in the game.

Dragon Quest V[edit]

The dark robe has a defence bonus of +55. It can only be worn by certain monster companions, and reduces frizz, sizz, woosh, and crack damage by 20 points.

Dragon Quest VII[edit]

In addition to raising evasion, it also offers 78 points of defense and 32 style points. It can be equipped by Maribel, Ruff and Sir Mervyn. The only way to get this item in the Playstation version is as a rare drop (1/256 chance) from the Swag bagger. It can be sold for 8250 gold.

Dragon Quest VIII[edit]

A jet-black robe that makes it easier to dodge enemy attacks.

The dark robe has a defence bonus of +87, and raises evasion by 25%. It can be worn by Yangus and Morrie and sold for 10,500 gold. It is obtainable through a few means, including:

Dragon Quest IX[edit]

The dark robe can be upgraded further to increase the wearer's ability to dodge attacks, like a bat in the night.

DQIX dark robe.png  Dark robe
Defence +37
Evasion +2%
Rarity ★★☆☆☆
Equipable by Priest, Martial Artist, Thief, Minstrel, Armamentalist, Ranger, Sage, Luminary
Buy Price 13,500
Sell Price 6,750
Flavor text A gloomy-looking gown that sends enemy attacks astray.
Notes Buy in Upover.
Recipe: Velvet cape + Evencloth x3 + Slipweed x3
Upgrades into Macabre mantle.