List of fun-size forge recipe book locations in Dragon Quest XI

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This is the list of Fun-Size Forge recipe book locations in Dragon Quest XI. Unlike the alchemy system seen in Dragon Quest IX, the player must find the recipe guide in order to create an item in the fun-size forge. The following manuals are listed as they appear in the game's info section.

Book Title Location Recipes
First Forays into Forging Manglegrove campsite event Bronze sword, Divine dagger
Economies of Scale Manglegrove, woodcutter's hut Scale armor, Scale shield
O Holy Knight Cobblestone, church Templar's uniform
Put a Feather in Your Cap Kingsbarrow Feathered cap
Twenty-Four Carats of Class Hotto, man next to bar Gold ring
An Introduction to Armour Hotto, behind inn Bronze armor
I ♥ Iron Arms Hotto, quest #06 reward Iron broadsword, Iron claymore
I ♥ Iron Armour Laguna di Gondolia, central wetland Iron armor, Iron cuirass, Iron helmet
So You Want to Be a Witch Gallopolis inn Lamp post, Wizard's staff, Tricky turban, Fizzle-retardant blouse, Enchantress's gloves
Furry Finery Gallopolis, quest #07 reward Fur poncho, Fur hood
Cutting-Edge Kit Laguna di Gondolia checkpoint, quest #09 reward Broader sword, Battle Fork, Rosewhip
Filigree for Fun and Profit Gondolia, church Gold platter, Gold chain, Gold bracer
A Slender Sword of Solid Silver Laguna di Gondolia, western wetland Silver rapier
Rings Around the World Insula Australis Agility ring, Prayer ring, Strength ring
Smithing with Steel Warrior's Rest Inn Steel broadsword, Soarin' steel, Full plate armor, Steel shield, Steel helmet
Building Butterfly Bric-a-Brac Octagonia orphanage Batterfly knife, Malleable mask
The Dapper Chap Octagonia, quest #12 reward Dapper doublet, Natty cravat
Dress Like a Drasilian Dundrasil ruins Drasilian helm, Drasilian armour
Your Crafting Career Starts Here Puerto Valor bookshelf south of item shop Jolly brolly, Coral hairpin, Utility belt
All Things Nice Man near entrance of Puerto Valor Cute cap, Bonny band, Pretty pinny, Dainty dress
Make a Whip-Roaring Success of Yourself Puerto Valor, quest #14 reward Beastly bullwhip
Sweet Stuff for Swindlers Puerto Valor, quest #15 reward Swindler's scarf, Swindler's stole
Down the Rabbithole Puerto Valor Casino Bunny ears, Bunny suit, Fishnet stockings
Crafting Comforting Clothing Insula Incognita Robe of serenity
Building a Blade of Blistering Brutality Lonalulu Cautery sword
My First Pearly Pieces Lonalulu Pink pearl ring, Rosary
Next-Level Neckwear L'Académie Star of clarity, Necklace of immunity, Full moon collar, Rousing rose collar, Care rivière, Torc of truth, Protective pendant, Choker of riddance, Dogged collar, Papillon pendant
Fine and Dandy Designs L'Académie Smart suit, Posh waistcoat, Bling-bling belt
Lashings of Class L'Académie, quest #20 reward Queen's whip
Kit Fit for a King Thirty mini medals Crown of Dundrasil, Drasilian dress coat
Electrifying Equipment Eerie Eyrie Lightning staff, Lightning lance
Build Better Birds' Feet Eerie Eyrie Crow's claws
Dragony Designs Phnom Nonh Dragontail whip, Wyvern wand
More Dragony Designs Mount Pang Lai Dragonsbane, Dragon mail, Dragon shield, Wyrmfang
Even More Dragony Designs Hotto Steppe, northern whale way station Red dragon rod, Wyrmwand
Knick-Knacks for Nifty Nickers Phnom Nonh Bloodletter, Sword breaker, Thief's turban, Gloomy gloves, Robber gloves
Secrets of the Silversmiths Phnom Nonh, magic key door Silver tiara, Silver cuirass, Silver mail
Making the Magic Happen Gallopolis, magic key door Hocus locus, Hocus hat, Fizzle-retardant suit
Divine Designs Gondolia, magic key door Seraphic sceptre, Angel's sandals
Classy Clobber for Kingly Kids Zwaardsrust region, magic key door Prince's pea coat, Princess's robe
Supercool Kit Snærfelt Shiverstick, Winter's wing
Platinum Protection The Hekswood Platinum platter, Platinum shield
Platinum Power Sniflheim Platinum claws, Platinum lance, Platinum powersword, Platinum sword
Platinum Plating Puerto Valor Platinum headgear, Platinum mail
Favourite Fashions of the Masters of Magic The Royal Library Witch's hat, Witch's robe, Wizard's robe
An Anthology of Elemental Earrings The Royal Library Aerofoil earrings, Anti-freeze earrings, Asbestos earrings, Concrete earrings, Mirror earrings, Rubber earrings
That's Magic Sniflheim, quest #26 reward Magic armor, Magic shield, Magic vestment
How to Outdo the Undead The First Forest Zombie slayer
Footwear of the Rich and Famous Cobblestone Tor Archangel's boots, Caligae of clarity, Springheal boots
The Devil's in the Details Heliodor castle Demonsbane, Demonspear, Demonwhip, Devil's tail
A Recipe Book of Regal Regalia Heliodor castle King axe, King's coat, Queen's robe
Little Lifesavers Heliodor castle Care ring, Full moon ring, Ring of clarity, Ring of immunity, Ring of riddance, Ring of Truth, Rousing ring, Sorcerer's ring, Sorcerer's stone
The Emperor's New Axe Wheel of Harma, first trial Kaiser axe
Some Reflections on Protection Wheel of Harma, second trial Enchanted shield
Bottling Lightning Wheel of Harma, second trial (15 turns) Lightning conductor
Corking Kit for Kings Wheel of Harma, third trial Pallium Regale, Sun crown
The Mothmask Prophecies Puerto Valor casino Dread dagger, Papillon mask
Gear that Glitters L'Académie, quest #34 reward Shimmering dress, Twinkling tuxedo
Glam Gear for Go-Getters L'Académie, quest #35 reward Glad rags, Tiara tremenda
Fine Fashions for Philosophers Warrior's rest inn, quest #43 reward Guru's gloves, Sage's staff, Scholar's cap, Thinking cap
Your Very Own Aegis of Illusions Octagonia casino Ethereal shield
Making the Most of Mythril Gondolia, quest #39 reward Dancer's mail, Fizzle foil, Mythril helm
Things to Do with Metal Goo Arboria, quest #47 reward Metal goomerang, Metal gooreatsword, Metal slime armor, Metal slime helm, Metal slime shield, Metal slime spear, Metal slime sword
Secrets of the Sunken Spirit Nautica, quest #46 reward Full fathom fork
Snowfield Styles Sniflheim region, act two Avalanche axe, Fenrir fang, Ice claws
Gilt Gear Gyldenhall Gold circlet
Good Godly Gear The Lost Land Sacrosanct staff, Venus' tear
An Earring for Every Element Champs Sauvage whale way station All-weather earrings, Blackout earrings, Cinderblock earrings
An Album of Imperial Attire Sniflheim whale way station Emperor's attire, Empress's robe
An Encyclopaedia of Expert Equipment The Battleground Brigand's mitts, Ogre shield, Titan belt
Brace Yourself The Battleground Brainy bracer, Life bracer, Mighty armlet, Spirit bracer, Wristorative
Sacred Styles for Saintly Ladies The Battleground Goddess's tiara, Saintess dress
General Directives Fortress of Fear General's jackboots, General's jacket
In Fine Fettle with Liquid Metal Fortress of Fear Liquid metal armor, Liquid metal goomerang, Liquid metal gooreatsword, Liquid metal helm, Liquid metal jacket, Liquid metal shield, Liquid metal spear, Liquid metal sword
Pride of the Valkyries Fortress of Fear Warrior princess's dress, Warrior princess's headdress
Badges of Honour Sniflheim, ultimate key door Monarch mark, Sovereign seal
King of the Swindlers Heliodor prison, ultimate key door Swindler king's scarf, Swindler king's stole
Field Manual The Cryptic Crypt, ultimate key door Field marshal's finery, Field marshal's footwear
Gifts from the Goddess Insula Incognita, ultimate key door Sacred circlet, Sacred raiment
Circles of Life Insula orientalis, ultimate key door Life ring, Skull ring
Sizzling Styles Hotto Steppes, northern whale way station, ultimate key door Banefire boomerang, Combusticlaws. Crimson robe, Flame tang, Inferno blade
Sage Advice Sniflheim whale way station, ultimate key door Minister's mitts, Ruby of protection, Scholar's specs, Supreme sage's staff
The Way of the War Goddess The Battleground, ultimate key door Minerva's raiment, Minerva's tiara
Get Your Drag-On Wheel of Harma, fourth trial (25 turns) Earthwyrm's eye, Lucky dragon's wing
Shine On, Xenlon Wheel of Harma, fourth trial (20 turns) Xenlon gown, Xenlon hair ring
Orichalcum: Ore Blimey Wheel of Harma, final trial Legate's blade, Meteorite bracer, Orichalcum claws
A Guide to Godly Get-Up Wheel of Harma, final trial (40 turns) Apollo's crown, Potentate's pallium
What a Wonderful World Tree Sage's Trial, fierce forest Yggdrasil crown, Yggdrasil dress coat
Glammer Gear for Goer-Getterers Ninety mini medals Gladder rags, Tiara tremendisima
Dress to Impress Octagonia casino
speak to the Golden Boy after event
Dashing doublet, Suave scarf
Überswords Illustrated Octagonia casino Über falcon blade, Über miracle sword
Upper-Class Accessories First Forest whale way station Elfin charm, Monarch's mittens
Kings of the Rings Disciple's trial, the cruel crypt Catholicon ring, Goddess ring
The Fandom of the Opera Sage's trial, fierce forest Dark robe, Murky mittens, Phantom mask
Styles for All Seasons Eighty mini medals Autumn shower hat, Spring breeze hat, Summer cloud hat, Winter sky hat
Eternal Elegance Sage's trial, hoarder's keep Crown of eternity, Gown of eternity
The Stuff of Legend Gallopolis horse race
Black cup, easy mode
Heavenly helm, Legendary armor
Making Things with Metal Kings 110 mini medals Metal King goomerang, Metal King gooreatsword, Metal king shield, Metal king spear, Metal king sword
If I Could Turn Back Time Luminary's trial Sceptre of time
Big Hitters of the Battlefield Luminary's trial Decimators, El stupendo, Heaven's talon, Hellbeast's leash, Hunter's moon, Kairos cleaver, Shamshir of light, Staff of eternity, Timeshear
Ye Manifold Methods of Mighty Drustan Luminary's trial Exotoga, Sacred spear, Seraph's robe, Soul sucker, Sword of judgement
Supreme Secrets of the Sword of Light Drustan's labyrinth, wish option Supreme sword of light
A Hero's Book of Basic Weapons Tower of Lost Time Asterang, Darting dagger, Dragonlord claws, Maxi axe, Mega gringham whip, Nebula sword, Shining staff, Straight poker
A Hero's Book of Better Weapons Disciple's trial, eerie valley Brilliant staff, Climaxe, Dashing dagger, Dragovian lord claws, Giga gringham whip, Stellarang, Supernova sword, Stud poker
A Hero's Book of Brilliant Weapons Make all five wishes in Drustan's labyrinth Aurora staff, Dynamo dagger, Galaxarang, Galaxy axe, Hypernova sword, Split-pot poker, Über gringham whip, Xenlon claws
Trodain's Top Trends Manglegrove campsite event Artisanal trodain bandana, Artisanal trodain togs


  • The Mothmask Prophecies is a reference to the 1975 novel The Mothman Prophecies, which is itself based on the cryptid known as the Mothman of Point Pleasant
  • Pride of the Valkyries is a play on the famous composition of Richard Wagner, Ride of the Valkyries
  • What a Wonderful World Tree is a reference to the 1967 song What a Wonderful World which was made famous by American jazz singer and musician Louis Armstrong.
  • The Fandom of the Opera is a play on the French novel The Phantom of the Opera written by Gaston Leroux. It has been adapted many times over the years, most famously as a 1925 film and a 1986 stage musical.
  • If I Could Turn Back Time is the name of a song recorded in 1989 by American singer and actress Cher.