Sir Mervyn

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A warrior that fought alongside God in the age of the Demon Lord, when today's peace was but a distant dream. The results of that battle, and Melvin's whereabouts thereafter, remain a mystery to this very day. He would surely make a worthy traveling companion if you manage to make his acquaintance.
--Description from the Dragon Quest VII PSX instructional manual.

"Fie upon't! We cannot allow the fiend to have his wicked way with our world any longer! Come, Hero! Gird up thy loins, and let us beard the beast once more!"

—Sir Mervyn (3DS)

Dragon Quest VII
Sprite(s) Dq7 melvin-sprite.gifSir Mervyn copy sprite.png
Japanese name メルビン
Romaji Merubin
Old localization Melvin
Title Legendary Hero
Class Adjustable
Race Soldier of God
Age 60s

Sir Mervyn is a character in the Dragon Quest series that appears as a playable party member in Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past. He is an elderly paladin who aided the Almighty in the fight against Orgodemir. However, before the final battle began, the Almighty sealed him away into the Hero Stone (or, as it came to be called, the Sizzling Stone) and he was whisked away until he was needed again.

Appearance and personality[edit]

Mervyn is wrapped in chain mail from head to toe, wears red leather boots and gloves, and a sword belt wrapped around his waist. He also wears the tunic similar to the other members of the Holy Order of the Almighty. He sports a bushy white mustache. In the 3DS Version, Sir Mervyn is noticeably quite taller than the rest of the party.

Mervyn is quite polite in conversation. He uses very formal diction, including archaic words such as thou and prithee. He is very courteous to his comrades. For example, he calls the Hero Master Hero and Maribel Miss Maribel.

Mervyn has a strong sense of duty which prevents him from walking away when someone else is in need, such as in the case of Nottagen. This is also coupled with his potent adherence to justice and intense hatred of the Demon King's machinations. He also has pride in his distinction as one of the Holy Order of the Almighty. Mervyn, so used to the fighting he endured, is fascinated by the present world and its relative peacefulness. He takes a keen interest in exploring past worlds and righting the wrongs of the past. Mervyn is also slightly perverted, demonstrated when he wishes to see Aishe dancing. He, at least, has the decency to apologize for this.

In the 3DS remake, if the player decides to look in a mirror while Sir Mervyn is the first character in the party line-up, he will agonize over his wrinkles, marvel over the modernity of mirrors, ponder if he should try out a bunny suit to distract from his less youthful features, comment that he is becoming more manly by day, see the glint in his eye reflected in the glass, discover another white hair, say that the wrinkles in one's face tell the story of their life, lament that he might have been a beloved hero if his nose had been straighter, sigh at his reflection, express happiness that his eyes haven't lost their sparkle, and sneeze on the mirror.


Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past[edit]

Warning: Spoilers!
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Mervyn had long fought with the Almighty against the Demon King, Orgodemir. He is a seasoned veteran of these battles. However, before the final battle began, the Almighty sealed Mervyn into a stone against Mervyn's wishes. His reasoning was because the Almighty felt as though he wouldn't survive the encounter with the Demon King. The stone, known as the Hero Stone, was sent far away from the battle. Mervyn became a legend and is venerated as a hero. The Hero Stone lore became lost.

However, through chance, Pike came into possession of the Hero Stone. He called it the Sizzling Stone because of the heat that radiated from it. He tried to sell it to people but they didn't want it. One day, he did find a buyer in Bulgio who paid an obscene amount of gold for it, knowing its true purpose.

Bulgio knew that the Sizzling Stone was actually the Hero Stone, and wanted to revive Mervyn to be his servant. To do so, he had to climb the World's Tallest Tower and place the Sizzling Stone on the altar. Doing so would release Mervyn from the seal.

After Bulgio and the party release Mervyn from the Hero Stone, he thanks them for doing so. Bulgio expresses some disappointment at Mervyn, who he expected to be a muscular, refined man---or even a beautiful woman. Bulgio allows Sir Mervyn to go with the Hero and his party. Mervyn expresses his wishes to find out what happened to the world after the battle between the Almighty and the Demon King.

After the part defeats the Demon Lord in the past, they set themselves on reviving the Almighty. With the help of the Roamers and Florin, they are successful in doing so. He thanks the party and the Roamers for his revival and promises that the world will enter a new era of peace.

Months pass by as Mervyn works by God's side in the new Cathedral of Light, created next to Estard. However, Mervyn notices a change in God. He sees that God is sealing away worlds that are steeped in evil. Being suspicious, he asks God why he is doing this and is instantly branded a traitor. Mervyn escapes the Crystal Palace and makes it to Buccanham. There, he uses MindSpeak, a telekinetic ability that allows a person to reach another and communicate with them mentally, to tell the Hero and the party what he uncovered at the Crystal Palace. Mervyn explains that God has sealed all of the worlds that he deemed evil and Estard was one of them. He asks them to try and uncover the four elemental spirits but they tell him that they are unable to go anywhere. Mervyn realizes that in order for them to continue on their quest, he must find the Pilot Fire in Coastal. By himself, he makes his way to The Beacon where the Guiding Light is burning. He mentally sends them the Guiding Light so the party can find the elemental spirits.

After Estard and all of the lands are unsealed, Mervyn inexplicably returns, giving the player the option of putting him in the final party against the Demon Lord. When the Demon King is defeated, the party is transported to the Divine Shrine. There, the descendants of the Order thank the party for defeating the Demon King. Mervyn elects to stay in the Divine Shrine. He thanks the party for helping him save the world.

Base stats[edit]

Attribute Starting Stats Maximum Stats
Level 19 99
HP 176 820
MP 97 880
Strength 45 370
Agility 43 165
Resilience 30 230
Wisdom 80 500
Style 24 95
Initial gear Steel broadsword, Chain mail, Bronze shield, Iron helmet

Dragon Quest VII (All) 
Weapon Modifier(s)
Poison needle Attack+1
Poison needle plus Attack+1
Cypress stick Attack+2
Bamboo spear Attack+5
Oaken club Attack+8
Bronze knife Attack+9
Copper sword Attack+11
Divine dagger Attack+14
Staff of salvation Attack+15
Wizard's staff Attack+15
Falcon blade Attack+22
Poison moth knife Attack+23
Chain sickle Attack+27
Shepherd's crook Attack+27
Lightning staff Attack+28
Slime stick Attack+28
Snooze stick Attack+32
Chain whip Attack+33
Steel broadsword Attack+33
Staff of antimagic Attack+35
Holy lance Attack+36
Staff of sentencing Attack+37
Rune staff Attack+39
Staff of antimagic Attack+40
Cautery sword Attack+42
Morning star Attack+43
Frying pan Attack+44
Sage's staff Attack+50
Dragontail whip Attack+52
Faerie foil Attack+58
Platinum sword Attack+60
Magma staff Attack+63
Dream blade Attack+65
Mercury's rapier Attack+65
Staff of resurrection Attack+66
Watermaul wand Attack+74
Zombiesbane Attack+75
Staff of re-surrection Attack+79
Staff of Rain Attack+88
Sword of the Roamers Attack+90
Sunderbolt blade Attack+95
Demon spear Attack+99
Miracle sword Attack+100
Saviour staff Attack+103
Metal king sword Attack+130
Okeanos Sword Attack+140
Gringham whip Attack+145

Dragon Quest VII (All) 
Helmet Modifier(s)
Canny cap Wisdom+30
Leather hat Defense+3
Pointy hat Defense+5
Hardwood headwear Defense+6
Mad cap Defense+8
Iron pot Defense+9
Fur hood Defense+11
Turban Defense+12
Raving mad cap Defense+13
Iron helmet Defense+16
Top hat Defense+17
Pirate's hat Defense+19
Hermes' hat Defense+24
Duplic hat Defense+25
Slime crown Defense+31
Mythril helm Defense+32
Happy hat Defense+37
Thinking cap Defense+37
Sun crown Defense+52
Metal king helm Defense+60
Mask of Implacability Defense+255

Dragon Quest VII (All) 
Armor Modifier(s)
Plain clothes Defense+4
Boxer shorts Defense+5
Wayfarer's clothes Defense+7
Silk tuxedo Defense+10
Leather armour Defense+11
Leather kilt Defense+12
Silk robe Defense+13
Scale armour Defense+15
Shell armour Defense+18
Chain mail Defense+20
Noble garb Defense+21
Iron cuirass Defense+26
Cloak of evasion Defense+28
Garish garb Defense+28
Magic vestment Defense+30
Captain's coat Defense+32
Windcheater Defense+33
Legerdemantle Defense+37
Cirrus surplice Defense+38
Glombolero Defense+40
Smart suit Defense+40
Magic armour Defense+47
Glitzy glombolero Defense+50
Heavy armour Defense+50
Angel's robe Defense+55
Enchanted armour Defense+55
Flowing dress Defense+65
Slime armour Defense+67
Sacred armour Defense+75
Dark robe Defense+78
Sacreder armour Defense+88
Pallium regale Defense+90
Dragon robe Defense+95
Metal king armour Defense+115
Gaia Armour Defense+125

Dragon Quest VII (All) 
Accessories Modifier(s)
Slime earrings Attack+1
Strength ring Attack+7
Mighty armlet Attack+15
Fire Amulet Attack+25
Bow tie Defense+2
Gold bracer Defense+5
Life ring Defense+5
Lucky pendant Defense+5
Prayer ring Defense+5
Trailblazing bandana Defense+5
Earth Amulet Defense+10
Kamikazee bracer Defense+10
Kerplunk bracer Defense+10
Ruby of protection Defense+10
Water Amulet Defense+10
Gospel ring Defense+50
Agility ring Agility+15
Snappy slippers Agility+25
Mercury's bandana Agility+30
Air Amulet Agility+50
Windbreaker Agility+50
Meteorite bracer Agilityx2
Wrecked specs
Soldier's medal
Scholar's specs
Mermaid moon
Lifesaving medal
Goddess ring
Eye of Rubiss
Extra elevating shoes
Elevating shoes
Champion's belt
Bunny tail

Spells and skills[edit]

Aside from vocation abilities, Mervyn learns a few spells and skills on his own:

Level Skill/Spell MP Required Target Info Oomph
19 Bang 5 All Enemies Causes an explosion that does around 20 HP damage to all enemies No
19 Underpants Dance 0 One Group A ridiculous dance that may cause an enemy group to laugh, stopping them from attacking for a turn No
19 Poof 1 One Group Banishes one group of enemies from battle. Party gains no experience points for expelled enemies No
19 Forbearance 0 Self Takes all of the attacks from enemies for a turn. Attacks that would have hit the party will hit the defendee repeatedly No
19 Midheal 4 One Ally Heals around 80 HP to one ally No
19 Swoosh 8 One Group Causes around 30 HP of wind damage to one group of enemies No
19 Evac 8 Field Allows the party to escape dungeons and caves No
19 Zoom 1 Field Allows the party to return to previously visited towns (Does not work in the past) (Does not work indoors) No
20 Zing 8 One Ally Has a 50 percent chance to revive the target with half their HP restored No

Vocation strategy[edit]

Sir Mervyn is a jack-of-all-trades who does well in any role in the party, particularly excelling in magic-based vocations due to his high MP growth. His main drawback is that he has the lowest Agility of the party, so it would be a good idea to give him accessories like the Agility ring or Mercury's bandana to make up for it. His equipment choices are very similar to a Priest, since he can essentially equip all wands and robes, as well as some access to swords and heavy armor. Although he does join the party with quite a few useful abilities learned, he has no vocational experience whatsoever, so it is necessary to pay a visit to Alltrades Abbey.

In the 3DS Version, since Mervyn will likely join the party at a lower level than the other characters, it is a good idea to have Sir Mervyn grind some vocations in Slimetree Forest to get him up to speed with everyone else.