Palazzo di Bulgio

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The Palazzo di Bulgio (formerly Brugeo's Mansion) is the residence of the wealthy Signor Bulgio, located north of L'Arca. It is only accessible using the magic carpet.


This palace is the main resident of Bulgio, the wealthiest man in the world, although he is frequently away in search of rare treasures and artifacts. The party is only able to visit the mansion after the events at Wetlock when the Magic Carpet is available. After finding out that the great hero, Sir Mervyn was sealed in the Sizzling Stone, the party pays a visit to Pike in Estard, only to find out that he has sold the stone to Bulgio. The servants tell the party that Bulgio is currently away searching for more treasures, but he might be found in one of his other mansions.

They visit Bulgio's other mansion in Gröndal, but only just missed him there as well. The party makes their way back to the Palazzo and finally meets Signor Bulgio, who tells them that he knows much more about the Great Hero and the Sizzling Stone than they do. He turns down the party's request for the Sizzling Stone, but just as they are about to leave, they are stopped by Bulgio. Although he doesn't give away the stone to them, Bulgio offers to accompany the party to the Tallest Tower regardless, in order to see if the legends of the Sizzling Stone and the Great Hero are really true.



Nearby monsters[edit]

(After the Demon King's resurrection)