Malign Shrine

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The Malign Shrine (also known as the Demon Lord's Lair) is a dungeon in Dragon Quest VII. It is the lair of Demon King and where the final battle took place between him and the Almighty. In the PSX version, this is the final dungeon of the 1st disc.


The party is thrust into the past once again after completing the Mysterious Fragment pedestal found at the bottom of the Excavated Cave. They witness the battle between Orgodemir and the Almighty from long ago. Enraged by Sir Mervyn's attempts to intervene, he blasts the knight with a mighty spell, but he refuses to back down. At that moment, the Almighty decided to seal away Sir Mervyn in the Sizzling Stone in order to ensure his survival and to allow him to fight Orgodemir another day. Although the Demon King manages to triumph against the Almighty, he overexerts himself and has to regain his strength. He turns himself back into his human form.

At the end of the dungeon, the party reaches Orgodemir's throne room, where they challenge him to battle. He taunts them, telling them that he is the true "Almighty" now and they should beg for their lives.



Usage of the dungeon in other areas[edit]