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The Sunken Citadel (formerly known as the Underwater City) is an underwater dungeon in Dragon Quest VII. The party must journey there to defeat Gracos after the continent of Wetlock is flooded.


The party first hear rumors of Gracos and the Sunken Citadel from the villagers of Spilton-on-Sea, who do not know its exact locations, but know that it's somewhere underneath the sea. According to legend, it was once a thriving civilization, but eventually sank beneath the sea long ago.

The wandering musician Old Man Riffer lures the people of Hardlypool, Spilton-on-Sea, and Wetlock to the Highendreigh Tower in order to save them from the coming flood. When the party and all the villagers are at the tower, Gracos creates a mighty rainstorm that causes the sea level to rise, submerging the entire continent and the towns. Old Man Riffer knew of the flood due to his gift of foresight, but he knew that no one would believe him, so he lured the people to the tower in the night by playing his torban.

When the flood begins, Old Man Riffer sees that the flood is much worse than he initially thought. He states that the flood will soon overtake the tower if no one defeats the monster causing it, but he knows that he is too old now to fight monsters. Old Man Riffer stops the party, saying that he reminds them of adventurers he met long ago at the Roamers Encampment and explains his past to them. He does not realize that the party are the very same adventurers, but he asks for their help to defeat Gracos at the Sunken Citadel. Riffer gives the party a prayer ring and allows them to use the small boat he provided at the bottom of the tower.

The dungeon is accessed by visiting the teleportal southwest of Spilton-on-Sea. When the party approaches it on the ship they borrowed, the mark on the Hero's arm begins to glow, causing a swirling portal to appear.

After traversing through the citadel, the party encounters the Great Sea Demon Gracos in his throne room. He tells them he was already aware of their coming and the reason for their visit. Gracos summons forth the lost spirits who died in the Sunken Citadel long ago, transforming them into Sunken spirits to fight against the party. They are able to defeat the small group, but Gracos gloats, stating that there are more spirits for them to fight. Just then, Old Man Riffer appears suddenly and plays his torban, freeing the fallen spirits from Gracos's enslavement and sending them to the afterlife. Enraged, Gracos challenges the party to a battle, which Old Man Riffer joins in. Together, they are able to defeat the Sea Demon, but using the last of his strength, Gracos destroys their escape route from his throne room. All is not lost, as Old Man Riffer is able to create a teleportal using his powers, allowing the party and him to escape from the underwater city. When the party returns to Highendreigh Tower, they see that the Flood has ended.


The party is able to revisit the citadel by taking the swirling teleportal that appears in the waters just southwest of Wetlock. It is still inhabited by monsters, but they do not attack the party. Four generations have passed and now Gracos V is the ruler of the underwater city, and he has hated and feared humans since his ancestor was defeated by the party. He challenges the party to a battle for intruding his realm. They are able to defeat the Sea Demon once again, but he surrenders and asks them for mercy. In exchange, Gracos V gives the party a Mysterious Fragment as a gift for sparing him. He recognizes that humans can be more powerful than monsters, unlike his ancestor.

Later, the Hero finds out that the reason why he and the party can breathe underwater and visit places such as the Sunken Citadel is because the Water Mark on his arm is a blessing from the Water Spirit.

If the party visits the Sunken Citadel once Orgodemir has returned, Gracos V and the other monsters appear to be in turmoil. Gracos states that he does not wish to fight anymore, but he knows that if the Demon King orders him and his domain to do so, they will have no choice. The party explains that they intend to defeat the Demon King once again, which amuses the Great Sea Demon. He believes they are capable of defeating him, as they defeated Gracos V in the past. He gives the party a demon spear as a gift, as he no longer has any use for it.






Nearby Monsters[edit]


(Only during the Flood)


(After the Demon King's resurrection)