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Fragment pieces.

The fragments (originally shards) are a Key Item in Dragon Quest VII.


Each shard with put together with the corresponding pieces on the correct pedestal in the Shrine of Mysteries allow The Hero and company to go back in time to an island in the past.


Yellow Fragment[edit]

Piece #1 Piece #2 Piece #3 Piece #4 Piece #5 Needed to reach
Floor of the Shrine of Mysteries. Floor within the Shrine of Mysteries' corridors. Received from Pollock upon his first return to Pilchard Bay. NA NA Ballymolloy
Secret Base Number 1 in Regenstein in the past. 3rd floor of the main house at Wilted Heart in the present. Ground in Poolside Cave in the past. Treasure room in Alltrades Abbey in the present. Bandits' Base after defeating The Mighty Pip in the present. Al-Balad
Treasure room in Alltrades Abbey in the past. Storeroom at Al-Balad village after saving the Region in the past. Pot at the center of Al-Balad in the present. NA NA Gröndal
Gold Bank at Pilgrim's Perdition after defeating Cardinal Sin in the past. Bottom of the well in La Bravoure. At the Dig Site after dropping off Care package. Chest from The Time Being in Inside the Time Frame. Top of El Monumento de Pomposo in the present. Wetlock
Basement in Palazzo di Bulgio. 3rd floor of Mountaintop Tunnel in the present. At Hill Near Nottagen in the past. Former Sacred stone pedestal of Sanctum of the Cirrus in the present. NA Vogograd

Red Fragment[edit]

Piece #1 Piece #2 Piece #3 Piece #4 Needed to reach
The floor in The Tower. Bottom of the Rainbow Mines in the present. Hidden room in Estard Castle after borrowing a raft. NA Burnmont
The floor of the storeroom in Frobisher in the past. Chest at the Boss Room in The Automaton Stronghold in the past. Shed behind Autonymus' cabin in the past. Given by Ambrose's granddaughter after helping him at Faraday Castle in the present. Greenthumb Gardens
Received from the town farmer of Gröndal in the past after defeating Fighting batboon. Storeroom of Bulgio's mansion at Gröndal in the present. By the tree at the Roots of Ygg in the present. NA El Ciclo
Treasury of Temple Palace in the past after visiting it in the present. 1st floor of Highendreigh Tower in the present. Defeating the boss of the present day Highendreigh Tower. NA Nottagen
Professor Wade's storeroom in Wetlock after helping him. In the building to the right upon entering Sunken Citadel. From Sir Mervyn after he joins The Party. NA Hubble

Blue Fragment[edit]

Piece #1 Piece #2 Piece #3 Piece #4 Needed to reach
In Burnmont after defeating Glowering Inferno. From Pamela in the past after saving Emberdale in the past. NA NA Regenstein
Dropped in a chest by Glowering Inferno. Second floor of Grotta del Sigillo in the past. Fifth floor of Grotta del Sigillo in the past. From the human who was formerly Hackrobat in the present day Grotta del Sigillo. Faraday
Southern tent at the Roamer Encampment in the past. Given by King Donald after the task with The Roamers is completed. In the well at the Dig Site in the present. NA Alltrades Abbey
5th floor of the present day The Likeness after getting the Flying Carpet. Storage room of Sanctum of the Cirrus in the present. Storage room of present day Vogograd. NA Buccanham

Green Fragment[edit]

Piece #1 Piece #2 Piece #3 Piece #4 Piece #5 Needed to reach
From the Golem guarding the upper interior to The Tower. Received from merchant upon visiting Ballymolloy in the present. On the first underground portion of Burnmont in the present. Found in The Haven. NA L'Arca
In the Weapon/Armour shop at L'Arca in the present. In the prison of Faraday Castle in the present. Found early in Grody Grotto. Defeat Grody Gumpdrops and 2 Goodybags in Grody Grotto. By the fountain in the ruins of Greenthumb Gardens in the present. Roamer Encampment
In a house at El Ciclo in the present day that once belonged to Salvador. At the top of El Monumento de Pomposo in the present. From Old Man Riffer before The Hero and Party leave Highendreigh Tower in the past. From the treasure room in Wetlock after Gracos is defeated. NA Providence
Found at Tombe des Héros Inconnus Chest in the cellar of the present day Providence church. From Malign vine in Nottagen Cavern. Basement of the present day Grand Conjuratorium. From Aishe at The Beach Near the Altar of the Almighty. Aeolus Vale

Mysterious Fragment[edit]

Piece #1 Piece #2 Piece #3 Piece #4 Piece #5 Piece #6-8 Needed to reach
Top of the Pillar of Sulkk in the present. Found outside a house at Buccanham in the past. Dinky Dell treasury in the past after The Beacon is relit. NA NA NA Divine Shrine (Past)
Defeat Togrus Maximus in The Beacon of the past. 3rd Basement Floor in the 2nd part of the past Coral Cave. From Gnostic in Strange Shrine Near Wetlock NA NA NA Malign Shrine
From Gracos V in the present day Sunken Citadel. Well at Estard Town in the ending. Save after the ending. Ghost maid of the past Coral Cave after Orgodemir is defeated. Prize for giving King Maximo 85 Mini medals. NA NA Cave to Another World
Casino prize at present day Buccanham for 2,000 token. Church desk in the present day Buccanham. See sidequest in the article for more detail. In Whitewater Cave after using the Water Amulet in the Cathedral of Blight. From a monster in the present day Coral Cave after speaking with King Scoober. In a chest in The Haven after getting the Ultimate Key. All three pieces require facing the boss of Cave to Another World three times in under 19 turns Cave to Yet Another World


It looks like a piece of a larger whole. There's a map etched into it. (Description when selecting any fragment in the Nintendo 3DS version of Dragon Quest VII.)