Sea Dragon (sailing vessel)

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The Sea Dragon (formerly Marle de Dragonne) is the huge ship of pirate captain Sharkeye in Dragon Quest VII.



ICON-ITEM-SHOP.png Item Shop 
Item Price Attributes
ICON-Medicinal herb.png Medicinal herb8Restores a small amount of HP
ICON-Antidotal herb.png Antidotal herb10Cures poison status effect
ICON-Moonwort bulb.png Moonwort bulb30Cures paralysis status effect
ICON-Tangleweb.png Tangleweb35Slows down monsters
ICON-WEAPON-SHOP.png Weapon Shop 1 
Item Price Attributes
ICON-Sunderbolt blade.png Sunderbolt blade24,000+95 Attack/+40 Style
File:ICON-Bastard sword.png Bastard sword31,000+109 Attack/+32 Style
ICON-Cobra claws.png Cobra claws35,000+90 Attack/+29 Style
ICON-Watermaul wand.png Watermaul wand14,000+74 Attack/+42 Style
File:ICON-Savior's staff.png Savior's staff37,000+103 Attack/+60 Style
ICON-WEAPON-SHOP.png Weapon Shop 2 
Item Price Attributes
ICON-Assassin's dagger.png Assassin's dagger1,500+30 Attack/+11 Style
File:ICON-Knuckledusters.png Knuckledusters7,100+40 Attack/+20 Style
ICON-Falcon knife earrings.png Falcon knife earrings11,000+45 Attack/+32 Style
ICON-Zombiesbane.png Zombiesbane15,000+75 Attack/+5 Style
ICON-Dragon claws.png Dragon claws21,000+85 Attack/+35 Style
File:ICON-Godacas sword.png Godacas sword23,000+97 Attack/+45 Style
ICON-Metal king sword.png Metal king sword74,000+130 Attack/+40 Style
ICON-ARMOUR-SHOP.png Armour shop 1 
Item Price Attributes
File:ICON-Pillager's platemail.png Pillager's platemail7,000+38 Defence/+20 Style
ICON-Pirate's hat.png Pirate's hat2,800+19 Defence/+21 Style
File:ICON-Pillager's helmet.png Pillager's helmet4,500+25 Defence/+15 Style
ICON-Silver shield.png Silver shield33,000+50 Defence/+38 Style
File:ICON-Seacow sallet.png Seacow sallet35,000+40 Defence/+26 Style
ICON-Great helm.png Great helm45,000+45 Defence/+30 Style
ICON-ARMOUR-SHOP.png Armour shop 2 
Item Price Attributes
ICON-Flowing dress.png Flowing dress16,800+65 Defence/+42 Style
ICON-Flame armour.png Flame armour21,000+70 Defence/+33 Style
ICON-Gigant armour.png Gigant armour35,000+92 Defence/+15 Style
ICON-Dragon robe.png Dragon robe40,000+95 Defence/+60 Style
ICON-Silver shield.png Silver shield33,000+50 Defence/+38 Style
ICON-Power shield.png Power shield25,000+40 Defence/+33 Style
ICON-Mythril helm.png Mythril helm10,000+32 Defence/+17 Style



  • Sharkeye - The infamous pirate king who keeps the waters of Buccanham safe.
  • Lady Anaïs (formerly Anise) - The wife of Sharkeye. The king took her under his care before Sharkeye's disappearance, fearing that the same fate as the queen would befall her.
  • Tarr (formerly Caddel)
  • Riggin (formerly Bolongo)
  • Old Salty (formerly Sea Dog)