List of armor in Dragon Quest VII

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Legend: H = Hero, K = Kiefer M = Maribel, Ruff = R, S = Sir Mervyn, A = Aishe
Image Name Defense Type Equip Notes
Rags VII artwork.png
Rags 3 Clothes Maribel, Ruff
Plain clothes VII artwork.png
Plain clothes 4 Clothes HKMRSA
Boxer shorts VII artwork.png
Boxer shorts 5 Undergarments HKRSA
Wayfarer's clothes VII artwork.png
Wayfarer's clothes 7 Clothes HKMRSA
Silk tuxedo VII artwork.png
Silk tuxedo 10 Clothes HKS
Leather armour VII artwork.png
Leather armor 11 Armor HKSA
Leather kilt VII artwork.png
Leather kilt 12 Clothing KRS
Silk robe VII artwork.png
Silk robe 13 Robe KMRSA
Scale armour VII artwork.png
Scale armour 15 Armor HKSA
Leather dress VII artwork.png
Leather dress 17 Clothing MA
Bunny suit VII artwork.png
Bunny suit 17 Clothing MA
Shell armour VII artwork.png
Shell armour 18 Armor HKSA
Fur cape VII artwork.png
Fur cape 18 Clothing MRA
Slime gooniform VII artwork.png
Slime gooniform 20 Clothing HR
Chain mail VII artwork.png
Chain mail 20 Armor HSA
Dancer's costume VII artwork.png
Dancer's costume 20 Clothing MA
Noble garb VII artwork.png
Noble garb 21 Clothing KS
Bronze armour VII artwork.png
Bronze armour 23 Armor HA
Iron cuirass VII artwork.png
Iron cuirass 26 Armor HSA
Cloak of evasion VII artwork.png
Cloak of Evasion 28 Robe MRS Evasion rises to 1/6th
Garish garb VII artwork.png
Garish garb 28 Clothing HKRS
Iron armour VII artwork.png
Iron armor 30 Armor HA
Magic vestment VII artwork.png
Magic vestment 30 Robe MRS Cuts Frizz, Sizz, Bang, Crack, & Woosh by 20
Vestment of Virtue artwork.png
Vestment of Virtue 30 Robe A Cuts Frizz, Sizz, Bang, & Crack by 15
Captain's coat VII artwork.png
Captain's Coat 32 Clothing HS
Windcheater 33 Clothing HRS Cuts Woosh by 33
Tortoise shell.png
Tortoise shell 33 Armor R
Full plate armour VII artwork.png
Full plate armor 34 Armor HA
Silver cuirass VII artwork.png
Silver cuirass 36 Armor HA
Legerdemantle VII artwork.png
Legerdemantle 37 Robe MS Cuts Frizz, Sizz, & Bang by 15
Dancer's mail VII artwork.png
Dancer's mail 37 Armor MA Evasion rises to 1/6th
Pillager's platemail VII artwork.png
Pillager's platemail 38 Armor HA
Silk bustier VII artwork.png
Silk bustier 38 Undergarments MA
Cirrus Surplice artwork.jpg
Cirrus surplice 38 Robe MRS Evasion rises to 25%
Glombolero VII artwork.png
Glombolero 40 Robe HMRSA 1/3rd chance to absorb spell MP
Smart suit VII artwork.png
Smart suit 40 Clothing HS
Party dress VII artwork.png
Party dress 40 Clothing MA
Silver mail VII artwork.png
Silver mail 43 Armor HA Cuts Frizz, Sizz, Bang, & Crack damage by 20
Magic skirt VII artwork.png
Magical skirt 45 Clothing MA Cuts Frizz, Sizz, Bang, Crack, & Woosh damage by 30
Magic armour VII artwork.png
Magic armour 47 Armor HSA Cuts Frizz, Sizz, Bang, & Crack by 15
Heavy armour VII artwork.png
Heavy armour 50 Armor HRSA Cuts breath damage by 20
Glombolero VII artwork.png
Glitzy Glombolero 50 Robe HMRSA 50% chance to absorb enemy spell MP
Spangled dress VII artwork.png
Spangled dress 50 Clothing MA
Spiked armour VII artwork.png
Spiked armour 55 Armor HA 50% chance for enemies to take recoil damage
Enchanted armour VII artwork.png
Enchanted armour 55 Armor HSA Cuts Frizz, Sizz, Bang, & Crack damage by 20
Angel's robe VII artwork.png
Angel's robe 55 Robe MSA Cuts instant death accuracy by 50%
Dragon mail VII artwork.png
Dragon mail 60 Armor HKA Cuts fire breath damage by 15
Platinum mail VII artwork.png
Platinum mail 63 Armor HA Cuts Frizz, Sizz, Bang, Crack, & Woosh damage by 20
Hate mail VII artwork.png
Hate mail 65 Armor HA Cursed, 33% chance to stun wearer, cuts Frizz, Sizz, Bang, Crack, & Woosh damage by 30
Flowing dress VII artwork.png
Flowing dress 65 Robe MRS Cuts all fire damage by 30
Mink Mantle 65 Clothing MA
Slime armour VII artwork.png
Slime armour 67 Armor HRS
Flame armour VII artwork.png
Flame armour 70 Armor HA Cuts all ice damage by 25
Skimpy nightie artwork.jpg
Skimpy nightie 73 Undergarments Maribel 1/6th chance to stun foes
Sacred armour VII artwork.png
Sacred armour 75 Armor HMSA Heals 50HP per turn
Shimmering dress VII artwork.png
Shimmering dress 75 Clothing MA 33% chance to reflect all spells
Dark robe VII artwork.png
Dark robe 78 Robe MRS Evasion rises to 1/6th
Hela's armour VII artwork.png
Hela's armour 85 Armor HA Cursed cuts agility to 0, reduces Frizz, Sizz, Bang, and fire breath damage by 30
Princess robe VII artwork.png
Princess's robe 85 Clothing MA Cuts spell damage by 30
Sacreder armor 88 Armor HMSA Heals 75HP per turn
Pallium regale V DS artwork.png
Pallium regale 90 Robe HRS Cuts elemental damage by 35
Gigant armour VII artwork.png
Gigant armour 92 Armor HA Cuts breath damage by 30
Angel leotard VII artwork.png
Angel leotard 93 Undergarments MA Accuracy of instant death reduced by 50%
Mirror armour VII artwork.png
Mirror armour 95 Armor HA 33% chance to reflect all spells
Dragon robe VII artwork.png
Dragon robe 95 Robe HMS Cuts Frizz, Sizz, Bang, and breath damage by 40
Divine bustier VII artwork.png
Divine bustier 95 Undergarments MA Restores 1HP per step
Royal mail VII artwork.png
Royal mail 105 Armor A
Metal king armour VII artwork.png
Metal king armour 115 Armor HKSA Cuts breath damage by 30
Gaia armour.jpg
Gaia armor 125 Legendary Armor Hero Cuts Frizz, Sizz, Bang, and fire breath damage by 35, restores 1HP per step