Shimmering dress

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Shimmering dress
DQVIII Shimmering Dress.png
Japanese ひかりのドレス
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Old localizations Light dress
Dress of radiance
Found in Dragon Quest III remakes only
Dragon Quest IV
Dragon Quest V
Dragon Quest VI
Dragon Quest VII
Dragon Quest VIII
Dragon Quest IX
Dragon Quest XI
Effect Increases defense of the wielder and reflects spells (including, in many games, spells from your own allies).

The shimmering dress is a recurring dress in the Dragon Quest series that first appeared in Dragon Quest IV. This radiant yellow gown sometimes reflects incoming spells, with the frequency depending on the title. Design wise, it has shifted from a loose-fitting robe to a regal ballroom gown.


Dragon Quest III[edit]

The shimmering dress has a defence bonus of +90 and reduces damage taken from breath and magic attacks by 33%. It is the strongest piece of armor in remakes of the game, but it can only be worn by female characters. In the SNES/GBC remake, one can be found as a prize for completing the 4th T'n'T board (1st Goal) & more can be purchased from the 5th board in one of the shops for 19,000 gold.

Dragon Quest IV[edit]

The shimmering dress has a defence bonus of +50 (+45 in the NES Version) and can be worn by The Hero (female), Alena, Maya & Meena. It can be sold for 6,600 gold. It has a 33% chance to reflect spells back at the caster.

They can be found in Baron's Folly and Doorway to Nadiria.

Dragon Quest VI (right)

Dragon Quest V[edit]

The shimmering dress has a defence bonus of +45, and a 33% reflection rate. It may be purchased in Gotha and Lofty Peak for 8000 gold.

Dragon Quest VI[edit]

This time, the dress is a reward for completing the Best Dressed Contest instead of being purchasable, and as such is unsellable. It provides +55 defence and +65 style, with a whopping 50% chance to reflect magic. Combine with a silver tiara and glass slippers for a massive +186 style boost for Milly and Ashlynn.

Dragon Quest VII[edit]

The shimmering dress has a defence bonus of +75 and a style bonus of +61. It can only be equipped by Maribel and Aishe and it reflects spells in battle 33% of the time. The shimmering dress can be found at the Multipleximus Maximus. Once again, the shimmering dress receives a massive +40 style bonus for the Best Dressed Contest of the Excellence Grading Organisation if it is worn with a silver tiara and glass slippers.

Dragon Quest VIII[edit]

The shimmering dress has a defense bonus of +67 and a 20% chance to reflect all spells barring Insulatle. It can be worn by Jessica and Red. Shimmering dresses can only be made using the Alchemy Pot and can be sold for 8,800 gold. They can also be upgraded into a divine bustier by combining it with a dangerous bustier, a princess's robe by combining it with an angel's robe and a gold rosary, or a Shamshir of light by combining it with a light shield and a rune staff.

Recipe: Spangled dress + Ruby of protection + Gold bracer

Dragon Quest IX[edit]

In this game, the shimmering dress has received a male counterpart in the form of the twinkling tuxedo. Reflect rate is 20%.

DQIX shimmering dress.png  Shimmering dress  (DS)
Defence +35
Rarity ★★★☆☆
Equipable by All Vocations
Buy Price N/a
Sell Price 7,750
Flavor text A nebulous number that's not unknown to reflect spells.
Notes Exclusive for women.
Recipe: Spangled dress + Pink pearl + Brighten rock x3
Upgrades into Princess's robe.

Dragon Quest XI[edit]


This diaphanous dress may reflect magic back at the caster.[1]
A mysterious dress that occasionally reflects a spell cast on the wearer back at the caster.[2]


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