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Artwork of Krak Pot in Dragon Quest IX

The Krak Pot is a talking crock pot who is responsible for all alchemy in Dragon Quest IX. It is located at the Quester's Rest in Stornway. After the hero has defeated Morag, Erinn places it on the counter with the explanation that it was accidently left at the inn a long time ago.


Krak Pot is used to mix item ingredients to make other items. This can be done either manually using the 'Try Your Luck' option, or by using recipes which are collected throughout the game. When first used, only a few recipes are available to the player. If the group of items being combined are not compatible, the ingredients are not lost, but instead returned to the player. This makes experimentation much more appealing.

If the player successfully combines items using the 'Try Your Luck' option, the recipe for the item made will be recorded in the recipe book. Many players use external sources such as strategy guides or online guides to know recipes before attempting them.

Krak Pot is the only means to acquire the most powerful weapons and armor in the game. These recipes require very rare ingredients which can only be acquired through grottos in the post game. A more common use of Krak Pot is to give the player an infinite supply of money by making gold armor or ear cosys.

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