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King Trode bestowing the Alchemy Pot to the player

The alchemy pot is a recurring item in the Dragon Quest series. First introduced in Dragon Quest VIII, it allows the player to perform alchemy, which is the process by which new items can be created through the combination of various ingredients.


Dragon Quest VIII[edit]

The alchemy pot is said by King Trode to be an ancient heirloom which belonged to the kingdom of Trodain, but fell into disuse over the years. After Dhoulmagus cursed the castle and its inhabitants, Trode was able to spirit the pot out of the castle and discretely worked on it during the night, hoping it can be of some use to the party. If the player spends the night at an inn, sometimes Trode can be seen working away in order to restore the Alchemy Pot. Once the party reaches the town of Peregrin Quay, Trode proudly declares to the party that the Alchemy Pot is now fully usable once again. It becomes upgraded by Trode once again after Medea is lost in Pickham, allowing the combination of three items together in the Alchemy Pot.

The player can learn alchemy recipes by reading from various bookcases throughout the world.

In the PS2 version of the game, the player had to travel a set amount of distance in order for items to be completed in the Alchemy Pot, with more advanced items requiring more time to be alchemized. The Lord of the Dragovians offers the party to upgrade the Alchemy Pot once more after completing one of his Dragovian Trials, which allows the Alchemy Pot to perform combinations instantaneously. The 3DS version of the game added changes to the Alchemy Pot which were introduced in Dragon Quest IX, such as the ability to complete items instantly as soon as the pot is acquired and the ability to make multiple items at once, as well.

Dragon Quest IX[edit]

The alchemy pot reappears in this game, being known as the Krak Pot and it appears to be a sentient being, located in the town of Stornway. Various changes have been made to the process of alchemy from the last game. The most notable change is that alchemy can only be performed at Quester's Rest rather than being able to carry it around. However, all alchemy is now performed instantaneously, meaning that the player is no longer forced to wait for items to be completed. The player is also able to make multiples of items using the Krak Pot if one has enough ingredients to do so.