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The Party of Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King travel in search of the Dhoulmagus who stole the sceptre of Trodain Castle and cursing it.

Warning: Spoilers!
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As the Party learns, Sceptre itself contains the true threat, Rhapthorne.


Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King[edit]


  • Hero (also known as Eight): The main character, a guard of Trodain Castle. Has full immunity to all types of curses. The reason for this is revealed in the endgame.
  • Yangus: A brigand from Pickham who joined the team when the Eight saved his life.
  • Jessica Albert: A young lady out to avenge her brother Alistair who was murdered by Dhoulmagus. Is made into a love interest in the Nintendo 3DS version.
  • Angelo: A delinquent monk who was sent to avenge Abbot Francisco's death.
  • Red: A collector of valuables treasures. Was once romantically involved with Yangus. Appears several times throughout the story, and becomes a playable party member in the 3DS version.
  • Morrie: Runs a Monster Arena alternatively known as Morrie's Place and is an optional playable party member in the 3DS version.
  • King Trode: King of Trodain Castle before it was devastated by Dhoulmagus's curse. Was himself cursed by Dhoulmagus to have the form of a troll. Travels with the party but doesn't fight. He is playable when wandering Tryan Gully. His biggest contribution comes in his creation, the Alchemy Pot
  • Princess Medea: Cursed by Dhoulmagus to have the form of a horse. Pulls the wagon. Acts as a love interest to Eight.
  • Munchie: A small rodent that always accompanies the Eight on his adventures. Aids the party in battle if Eight feeds him a particular piece of Cheese. During the course of the story, The Eight learns the secret of his pet and friend.