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This is the full list of Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King Alchemy recipes from A-Z.

Please note that these recipes are extremely difficult or time-consuming, with more advanced items taking longer. The Alchemy Pot receives two upgrades over the course of the game. The first allows the player to combine up to three ingredients together, received after Princess Medea is found after the events at Pickham. The second makes the pot instantaneous and is one of the possible rewards for defeating the Lord of the Dragovians. In the Nintendo 3DS and Cell phone version, the Alchemy Pot is instantaneous as soon as it is received from King Trode.

The ingredients can either be bought from a vendor, found or made in the Alchemy Pot. Recipes denoted with an asterisk (*) appear only in the 3DS version of the game.

Items and such in bold aren't usable for creating anything.


Weapon Recipes
Assassin's dagger Eagle dagger/Poison needle
Bandit axe Battle axe/Thief's Key
Beast talon* Beast claws/Ethereal stone
Blizzard blade Bastard sword/Icicle dirk/Cold cheese
Cheiron's bow Eros' bow/Power shield
Cobra claw* Fire claw/Devil's tail
Copper sword Bronze knife/Bronze knife
Demon spear Battle fork/Poison needle/Devil's tail
Demon whip Scourge whip/Devil's tail
Double-edged sword Über double-edge/Devil's tail
Dragon slayer Dragonsbane/Mighty armlet
Dragonlord claw* Dragon claws/Ethereal stone
Dragontail whip Snakeskin whip/Dragon's scale/Dragon's scale
Dragovian king sword Dragovian sword/Liquid metal sword
Erdrick's Sword* Ye Olde Sword of Erdrick/Liquid metal sword/Orichalcum
Eros' bow Hunter's bow/Garter
Falcon knife Slime earrings/Tough guy tattoo/Agility ring
Fire claw* Iron claw/Flametang boomerang
Flametang boomerang Swallowtail/Flame shield
Fallen angel rapier Holy silver rapier/Devil's tail/Wing of bat
Golden axe Iron axe/Gold nugget
Hell scythe Steel scythe/Poison moth knife/Hades' helm
Holy lance Long spear/Gold rosary
Holy silver rapier Templar's sword/Holy talisman
Hunter's bow Cypress stick/Cypress stick/Strength ring or
Short bow/Chain whip
Imp knife Assassin's dagger/Devil's tail
Iron axe Farmer's scythe/Farmer's scythe
Iron lance Cypress stick/Dagger
King axe Golden axe/Slime crown
King cobra claw* Cobra claw/Hades' helm
Leather whip Devil's tail/Saint's ashes
Liquid metal sword Rusty old sword/Slime crown/Orichalcum
Long spear Cypress stick/Cypress stick/Iron lance
Lunar fan* Stellar fan/Full moon ring/Gold rosary
Magma staff Wizard's staff/Rockbomb shard/Rockbomb shard
Megaton hammer Über war hammer/Conquerer's axe/Orichalcum
Mercury's rapier Fallen angel rapier/Mercury's bandana/Mercury's bandana
Metal king spear* Metal wing boomerang/Holy lance
Metal wing boomerang Razor wing boomerang/Metal king spear
Moon axe Golden axe/Moon's mercy
Odin's bow Cheiron's bow/Eros' bow/Great bow
Peacock fan* Iron fan/Hermes' hat
Razor wing boomerang Edged boomerang/Wing of bat/Steel scythe
Reinforced boomerang Boomerang/Iron nail
Rusty old sword Liquid metal sword/Mystifying mixture/Cowpat
Sandstorm spear Partisan/Saint's ashes
Scourge whip Demon whip/Saint's ashes
Shamshir of light Shimmering dress/Rune staff/Light shield
Sledgehammer Giant mallet/Iron helmet/Iron helmet
Snakeskin whip Leather whip/Scale shield
Solar fan Lunar fan/Flame shield/Magma staff
Staff of antimagic Wizard's staff/Rune staff
Staff of resurrection Rune staff/Life bracer/Yggdrasil leaf
Stellar fan* Rainbow fan/Highly-strung cheese/Silver tiara
Stone axe Stone hardhat/Cypress stick
Über double-edge Double-edged sword/Saint's ashes/Saint's ashes
Über falcon blade Falcon blade/Meteorite bracer
Über miracle sword Miracle sword/Life bracer
Über war hammer War hammer/Mighty armlet
Zombie slayer Zombiesbane/Holy talisman
Armour/Clothing Recipes
Angel's robe Flowing dress/Magical skirt
Bandit mail Heavy armour/Bandit axe/Bandit's grass skirt
Boxers Bandit's grass skirt/Bandana
Bronze armour Chain mail/Bronze shield
Bunny suit Silk bustier/Bunny tail
Chain mail Wayfarer's clothes/Chain whip
Crimson robe Sage's robe/Magic water/Nook grass
Dancer's mail Silver mail/Dancer's costume
Dark robe Cloak of evasion/Wing of bat/Devil's tail
Divine bustier Dangerous bustier/Shimmering dress
Dogsbody's vest* Bandit mail/Plain clothes/Coral hairpin
Dragon mail Silver mail/Dragon's scale/Dragon's scale
Fur poncho Magic beast hide/Magic beast hide
Gigant armour Bandit mail/Mighty armlet/Mighty armlet
Hexlet's skirt* Magical skirt/Imp knife/Mystifying mixture
Iron cuirass Iron shield/Iron shield
Leather armour Wayfarer's clothes/Magic beast hide
Leather dress Dancer's costume/Magic beast hide
Leather kilt Boxers/Magic beast hide or
Leather whip/Bandana
Magical skirt Bandit's grass skirt/Magical hat/Magical mace
Magic armour Full plate armour/Prayer ring/Ruby of protection
Metal king armour Liquid metal armour/Slime crown/Orichalcum
Mirror armour Silver Mail/Mirror shield/Mirror shield
Nitid tutu* Spangled dress/Dancer's costume/Life bracer
Oriental warrior wear* Flowing dress/Crimson robe/Lunar fan
Platinum mail Zombie mail/Saint's ashes
Princess's robe Angel's robe/Gold rosary/Shimmering dress
Robe of serenity Cloak of evasion/Boxers
Sage's robe Magic vestment/Scholar's cap
Scale armour Leather armour/Dragon's scale
Shimmering dress Spangled dress/Ruby of protection/Gold bracer
Silver cuirass Iron cuirass/Silver platter/Silver platter
Spiked armour Magic armour/Edged boomerang
Templar's uniform Wayfarer's clothes/Templar's shield
Über sacred armour* Sacred armour/Ruby of protection/Recovery ring
Wayfarer's clothes Plain clothes/Plain clothes
Zombie mail Silver mail/Zombiesbane or
Platinum mail/Devil's tail
Shields Recipes
Big bad boss shield* Big boss shield/Goddess shield/Mild cheese
Bronze shield Leather shield/Bronze knife
Dragon shield Steel shield/Dragon's scale/Dragon's scale
Flame shield Magic shield/Flametang boomerang
Goddess shield Thanatos' shield/Saint's ashes
Ice shield Magic shield/Icicle dirk
Leather shield Pot lid/Magic beast hide
Magic shield Steel shield/Prayer ring/Ruby of protection
Metal king shield Ruinous shield/Saint's ashes/Orichalcum
Power shield Magic shield/Strength ring/Cured cheese
Ruinous shield Metal king shield/Devil's tail
Saintess shield Mirror shield/White shield/Holy water
Scale shield Leather shield/Dragon's scale
Silver shield Mirror shield/Amor seco essence/Magic water
Templar's shield Iron shield/Templar's uniform
Thanatos' shield Goddess shield/Devil's tail
White shield Light shield/Fresh milk/Fresh milk or
Iron shield/Silver platter
Headgear Recipes
Bronze helmet Stone hardhat/Bronze knife/Bronze knife
Bunny ears Hairband/Bunny tail
Dogsbody's hood* Coral hairpin/Bandana/Tough guy tattoo
Feathered cap Leather hat/Chimaera wing
Fur hood Feathered cap/Fur poncho
Golden tiara Thinking cap/Gold nugget/Silver tiara
Hades' helm Mythril helm/Devil's tail
Happy hat Feathered cap/Elevating shoes
Hermes' hat Feathered cap/Mercury's bandana
Hexlet's hat* Magical hat/Thinking cap/Mystifying mixture
Kunoichi headband* Iron headgear/Mercury's bandana
Mercury's bandana Bandana/Agility ring
Mythril helm Hades' helm/Saint's ashes
Phantom mask Iron headgear/Dark robe
Pointy hat Leather hat/Iron nail
Raging bull helm Mythril helm/Cowpat/Fresh milk
Scholar's cap Magical hat/Scholar's specs
Silver tiara Coral hairpin/Silver platter
Skull helm Sun crown/Devil's tail
Stone hardhat Stone axe/Pointy hat
Sun crown Skull helm/Saint's ashes
Thinking cap Scholar's cap/Iron headgear
Turban Bandana/Bandana
Accessory Recipes
Agility ring Prayer ring/Seed of agility
Catholicon ring Full moon ring/Ring of truth/Ring of immunity
Life bracer Recovery ring/Gold bracer
Elevating shoes Fishnet stockings/Happy hat
Full moon ring Gold ring/Poison moth knife
Goddess ring Recovery ring/Orichalcum
Holy talisman Tough guy tattoo/Holy water/Gold rosary
Meteorite bracer Agility ring/Agility ring/Orichalcum
Mighty armlet Strength ring/Titan belt
Prayer ring Gold ring/Seed of magic
Recovery ring Prayer ring/Seed of life
Ring of awakening Gold ring/Dream blade
Ring of clarity Gold ring/Fallen angel rapier
Ring of truth Gold ring/Sandstorm spear
Ring of immunity Gold ring/Poison needle
Ruby of protection Prayer ring/Seed of resilience
Scholar's specs Ring of awakening/Ring of clarity/Seed of wisdom
Skull ring Sorcerer's ring/Devil's tail
Sorcerer's ring Skull ring/Saint's ashes/Saint's ashes
Strength ring Prayer ring/Seed of strength
Titan belt Leather kilt/Strength ring


Cheese Recipes
Angel cheese Fresh milk/Premium mould/Yggdrasil dew
C-c-cold cheese Dragon dung/Cold cheese/Premium mould
Chilly cheese Cool cheese/Waterweed mould
Chunky cheese Plain cheese/Magic water
Cold cheese Chilly cheese/Waterweed mould/Waterweed mould
Cool cheese Plain cheese/Waterweed mould
Cured cheese Fresh milk/Premium mould/Amor seco essence
Hard cheese Plain cheese/Rock salt
Highly-strung cheese Super spicy cheese/Cold cheese/Rock salt
Mild cheese Plain cheese/Amor seco essence
Plain cheese Fresh milk/Rennet powder or
Scorching cheese/C-c-cold cheese
Scorching cheese Super spicy cheese/Premium mould/Dragon dung
Soft cheese Fresh milk/Rennet powder/Rock salt
Spicy cheese Plain cheese/Red mould
Super spicy cheese Spicy cheese/Nook grass or
Spicy cheese/Red mould/Red mould
Medicine Recipes
Amor seco essence Holy water/Strong medicine
Elfin elixir Yggdrasil dew/Magic water
Greater panacea Special medicine/Special medicine/Special medicine or
Lesser panacea/Rose-root/Rose-wort
Lesser panacea Special medicine/Special medicine
Magic water Holy water/Seed of magic
Moon's mercy Moonwort bulb/Moonwort bulb/Moonwort bulb
Rose-root Medicinal herb/Medicinal herb/Medicinal herb or
Strong medicine/Medicinal herb
Rose-wort Medicinal herb/Medicinal herb/Moonwort bulb or
Strong medicine/Moonwort bulb
Special antidote Medicinal herb/Antidotal herb/Antidotal herb or
Strong antidote/Strong antidote
Strong antidote Medicinal herb/Antidotal herb
Strong medicine Medicinal herb/Medicinal herb
Special medicine Strong medicine/Strong medicine
Yggdrasil dew Yggdrasil leaf/Magic water
Other objects Recipes
Chimaera wing Wing of bat/Wing of bat
Holy water Amor seco essence/Rock salt
Mystifying mixture Holy water/Wing of bat/Cowpat or
Medicinal herb/Antidotal herb/Moonwort bulb
Premium mould Red mould/Waterweed mould/Yggdrasil leaf
Sage's stone Gold nugget/Orichalcum/Yggdrasil dew
Thief's Key Iron nail/Bronze knife
Timbrel of tension Sun crown/Magic beast hide/Tough guy tattoo
  • ‡The Magma staff requires two Rockbomb shards to make in the 3DS version, but only one in the PS2 version.










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