Thanatos' shield

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Thanatos' shield
DVIII Thanatos Shield.png
Japanese 死神の盾
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Old localizations Evil shield
Found in Dragon Quest II
Dragon Quest VIII
Dragon Quest Builders 2
Effect Curses the character who equipped it (Disables the able to act on the first turn of every battle).

Thanatos' shield, known as Evil's shield[1] in Japanese, is a recurring cursed item in the Dragon Quest series.


Dragon Quest II[edit]

The cursed shield is found in the Cave to Rendarak, and also randomly dropped by eyelasher monsters. It can be equipped by the Prince of Midenhall.

Dragon Quest VIII[edit]

The Thanatos' shield can be equipped by the Hero, Angelo, or Yangus. Can be upgraded to into Goddess Shield with the alchemy pot:

Recipe: Goddess Shield = Thanatos' shield + Saint's Ashes

One can be found in the Dragovian Path and in the 3DS version, another can be found in Memories Lane. The shield is a rare drop from a Hell's gatekeeper. It can be sold for 3,650 Gold Coins.

Dragon Quest Builders 2[edit]

Thanatos' shield's recipe can be obtained by defeating the super-strong Merking at Coral Cay. Although the shield is the strongest of its kind in the game, it is cursed.


A sinister shield steeped in the sorrow of forsaken souls.[2]
An ill-fated shield surrounded by an air of danger.[3]

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