Dragon Quest Builders 2

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Dragon Quest Builders 2 (ドラゴンクエストビルダーズ2 破壊神シドーとからっぽの島) is the sequel to the 2016 sandbox game DQB. It was announced at the summer 2017 Dragon Quest festival, along with a brief preview video and a few small details addressed by Yuji Horii.


Unlike the first game, which takes place in an alternate reality of the original Dragon Quest, this installment takes place following the events of Dragon Quest II, in which the remnants of Hargon's cult are attempting to make a comeback by kidnapping and destroying builders. You play as a builder who washes up on a desert island where you meet a mysterious boy named Malroth. It is up to you and Malroth to survive on the island until rescue arrives.

Gameplay Changes[edit]

  • The stack-able block limit has been increased by three, making the maximum 64.
  • Slopes are now built into the game's physics engine.
  • Players can dive into water if jumping from high ground.
  • Weapons and hammers are now assigned to separate buttons.
  • The ability to dash has been added.
  • Farms can be tilled with the help of a friendly Wiggly, who aerates infertile spaces for cultivation.
  • Players may now glide from high elevation via the Windbreaker cape.
  • Vehicular transportation is possible with a car designed after an Army ant.
  • The player can warp anywhere on an island, provided he or she had already been there once.
  • Multiplayer has been implemented to allow up to four players.
  • Animals are present for villages.
  • Waterfalls are now present; this is due to player requests from the first game.