Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 Professional

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Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 Professional is the enhanced edition of the second game in the Joker series, released exclusively in Japan for the Nintendo DS as the final Dragon Quest series software for the handheld.

The game features the same cast and plot of the original version, but has been expanded with an additional scenario taking place on a floating island. Extensive alterations and adjustments have been given to the game's balance to support finer competitive play than was previously possible in the original.

New Features & system alterations[edit]

  • The overall difficulty curve has been increased slightly.
  • All monsters can now be strengthened to X & XY status instead of only the chimaera, conklave, goodybag, green dragon, skeleton, slime, and teeny sanguini. Monsters of rank D and lower will have their stat caps raised by 25%, with ranks C, B, and A having their limits raised by 12.5%.
  • When performing monster synthesis, the level cap of the newly created monster is no longer dependent on levels of the component monsters as before. Instead only the "+" value matters to raise the level cap, reaching level 75 and level 100 at values of +4 and +10 respectively.
  • If the sum of a synthesized monster's component levels are between 21 and 40 then half of the + value of the weaker monster will be added to the synthesized monster's total on top of the guaranteed +1. If both component monsters have a total level of 41 or higher, then the entire + value of the weaker monster is added to the synthesized monster's total along with the default +1.
  • 124 new monsters have been added.
  • 55 new skillsets have been added and adjustments have been made to existing sets.
  • A total of 33 new skills, spells, and breath attacks have been added.
  • 50 new traits have been added, with some monsters having their previous traits replaced altogether.
  • The amount of skill points required to master mid-and-end-game skillsets has been increased significantly.
  • The MP cost of healing spells and skills has been increased dramatically, with Megaheal along going from 9 MP to 32 MP.
  • Each monster family now has certain conditions that have a 20% chance to automatically increase their tension:
  • Bosses tense up when seeing enemies be revived.
  • Beasts tense up when receiving physical damage, limited to 5% chance to activate per strike.
  • Demons do not like to be damaged by magic, limited to 5% chance to activate per strike.
  • Dragons are proud and will be furious when the enemy is buffed up.
  • Material monsters tense up when buffed up.
  • Slimes cannot stand being debuffed.
  • The undead tense up when an ally is killed.