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Dragon Quest Builders 2
Japanese name ドルトン
Romaji Doruton
Race Human

Bonanzo is a character from Dragon Quest Builders 2.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Bonanzo is a middle-aged man with absurd hair and matching beard. He wears the usual farmer's uniform of a green tunic, yellow gloves, and black boots.

Bonanzo is an overbearing, jolly man who insists that those he cares about think of him as a father figure or uncle. He and Perry migrated to the island of Furrowfield with the intent to revitalize the once thriving farming community, but the spoiled landscape yielded no crops despite his best efforts. He is initially skeptical of the Builder's capabilities due to the Children of Hargon spreading lies about the vocation, but he quickly turns his attitude around when he sees the art of creation first hand.

Bonanzo is much older than the Builder and so he often jokingly refers to himself as their "father figure", "Uncle", "Older Brother", or even "Mother figure".


The Builder and Malroth meet Bonanzo when he and Perry are attempting to grow wheat. Unluckily,a spoil spore goes off and spoils the crop. He chastises the builder for coming, even after they grow their first batch of cabbages together. Only when the Builder rings the Builders bell for the first time does he choose to help rebuild Furrowfield Farm.

Bonanzo is very brave, but mortified of his possible fate should he disobey the Children of Hargon. He strives to become the mayor of Furrowfield but he never becomes mayor, because for an unspecified reason, nobody Bonanzo comes across that isn't from Furrowfield trusts him because of his beard. Even Malroth declares he doesn't trust him because of this.

When Pastor Al speaks of the Deitree, Bonanzo declares that once, it protected all life on Furrowfield. He had also heard rumors of a species that once made spoiled soil into beautiful, fertile soil, but he isn't sure what became of them until he meets Wrigley. After that he starts striving to become the mayor of Furrowfield, but he does not become the mayor. Instead, he offers to research being a mayor.


Dragon Quest Builders 2[edit]


  • Bonanzo bears a striking resemblance to Rollo of the first Builders game, both in appearance and mannerisms.