Children of Hargon

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The mark of malice worn by all members of the cult

The Children of Hargon is the collective name for the enemies of Dragon Quest II and Dragon Quest Builders II. Lead by the eponymous leader, it is an apocalyptic cult dedicated to summoning the god of destruction into the world.


Dragon Quest II: Luminaries of the Legendary Line[edit]

Though unnamed in their debut title, the sect nevertheless plays a critical role in the game's plot. Beginning with the opening sequence depicting the siege of Castle Moonbrooke, the Children of Hargon start their jihad on the peaceful world by spreading as much destruction and misery as possible. This culminates in the Scions of Erdrick raiding their fortress hidden away in the frozen hellscape of Rendarak.

Dragon Quest Builders 2[edit]

The cult is the primary antagonistic force and oppose the Builder at every turn. As described in their doctrine, members are duty-bound to destroy any and all structures they come across and to prevent the creation of new things. Many of the followers are hypocritical in their actions and will request that others outside the faith repair and create things for them.

The cult is comprised of both human followers and monster followers, though many of the human followers were simply forced into the fold under threat of death. Many of the conscripted cultists are easily convinced to abandon their faith when the Builder saves them from squalor.

Many lower ranking members of the cult incorrectly believed that their faith would stave off their destruction upon the revival of the god of destruction. Unlike his original goal, to create a world into his ideal vision, Hargon now simply wanted to destroy everything permanently as revenge for his death at the hands of the Scions of Erdrick.

Dragon Quest Tact[edit]

Known as the Order of Hargon in this entry, they reprise their villainous roles for the Dragon Quest II event, serving as enemies while Mindini is transformed into a dog instead of Peronel. A Gremlin and a Madusa also have Battle Road side stories detailing their jobs in the Order until after facing off with two of the Trinity the High Priest summoned, resulting in their desertion.

Insidious iconography[edit]

The Children of Hargon bear the mark of a black bat with a sinister smile. In Builders 2, the emblem on the Hoods and Hoodlums’ capes is white. Note that due to monster designs (and entire sprites in some cases) being brought forward from II into sequels and spin-off titles, this does not imply that some faction of the cult happens to exist in that particular setting.

Known members[edit]

In addition to the profane pontiff and his three lieutenants, the flock of fiends consists of the following enemies:

Additionally, Dragon Quest Builders 2 features several distinct individual followers of the cult that the Builder encounters: